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  1. Got 3.2” of snow/sleet. 32/rain currently. Fun event. And this storm got me to climo on the year! First time since 2016.
  2. 2-4” for DC seems like a lock at this point followed by lots of sleet. If banding sets up over NOVA/DC like GFS/RGEM/HRDPS likes, could easily be 5-6”.
  3. 18z Euro came south/east with the heaviest banding. 12z had it south central PA. 18z has it in extreme NW VA, WV panhandle north into extreme southern central PA. 4-5" for 95 corridor along NOVA/DC/MD before the flip. 4" Philly. 2-3" in CNJ.
  4. Icon has been very consistent with its depiction of a heavy front end thump for NOVA/DC/Maryland..12z ICON continues that look. Impressive lift with that fronto band.
  5. I like 2-4” for DC followed by 1” of sleet with light glaze of ice on top of that. Confidence increasing for a high impact winter event for the Mid-Atlantic.
  6. Nice looking map but how can you confidently predict to that level of detail how much snow your area will get over the next 4-6 weeks? I don’t see how anyone can make that prediction.
  7. Rooting for the Pats tonight. Just can’t root for a team from LA. Also Brady is the GOAT and deserves another.
  8. 10 degrees with SN. Over 3” so far (at my house in McHenry, MD).
  9. 13 here at home in Arlington. -8 at my house in the Maryland mountains.
  10. Dude, I’ve gotten like 10” combined the last two years. Northern VA/DC has been a snow desert since the blizzard of Jan. 16. It’s nice we’re finally getting a decent year.
  11. That's probably about right. This event was highly dependent on elevations. West of the fall line generally had 1"+ (3" in Fairfax County, etc). Along/east of the fall line had less than an 1". Even Pentagon City vs Rosslyn had very different totals.
  12. Expecting a coating to an inch here. Hopefully gets me to within 5” of climo for the year.
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