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  1. I never got below 32 overnight. Currently 12 degrees and still snowing (perfect upslope conditions).
  2. Euro doesn’t get above freezing in the western MD mountains. Pretty significant event there.
  3. 1.2” here giving me a season total of 12.9”...running ahead of climo as of this point in the winter. Avg snowfall here is ~18”.
  4. Round 2 picking up again here. Arlington County and Alexandria 2 hour delay tomorrow (lol).
  5. Curious, what are you basing this on?
  6. 0.9”...based on radar, should easily get over 1” here.
  7. Maybe some freezing with the “flash freeze” as temps plummet but heavy rain and 33 won’t accrete except on some overpasses, elevated surfaces, etc that are still cold from this week. Heavy rain and 30 still won’t accrete well honestly.
  8. Wow, I stay all frozen at my place in western MD. Considerably colder run overall. That’d be a big event for a majority of the NE.
  9. Oh yeah, you’ll get 1” easily up there...a little bit of elevation will do the trick for sure.
  10. What part of DC are you in? 1” is my goal too.
  11. The orientation is pushing down on the western side but its causing heights to rise on the east side.
  12. 0.8” so far. I love snow on snow too. Trees look pretty again.
  13. I highly doubt there will be widespread 0.75-1" ice ACCRETION like these model maps are saying. While the availability of model data today is wonderful, the downside is poor use of it on social media leads to mass hysteria of 1" ice accumulation in places that won't see that much. I'll be at my house in the mountains of Western MD and I highly doubt I see an 1" of ice accrete. Probably more like 0.2" or so.
  14. We're actually one repeat shift away at seeing considerable more frozen than liquid. With that said, I'd temper your expectations to see mostly rain in DC proper. I-81 and northern Maryland is another story, though.
  15. Some concern over on American about GEFS delaying the -NAO. I don't agree with the concern as it seems to be a day or so delayed from yesterday, not talking a week.