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  1. 3.5" snow and IP total. 27 degrees here now with IP/ZR mix. Hoping temps get above freezing before that slug of moisture works in, I think it does.
  2. Dew point depression a bit higher than I had anticipated. 20/-3 right now.
  3. Dew point in CT has been quickly advecting lower than progged. Down to 5 degrees. That may spell trouble with icing come tomorrow.
  4. Currently IC! Diamond dust falling under mostly clear skies. Never saw it outside of the White Mountains. At my parents house in Stratford, CT. Had to leave my house in Bethany as it was ground 0 and a complete disaster zone. Whole town still without power with temps below 0.
  5. After our two inches of snow, we've been recording ZR for the past 7 hours. I measured ice accretions a little over .25". Getting scary out there. 31/30.
  6. You are in for a sh!t ton of ice my friend. Few inches of sleet, hopefully not a lot of ZR
  7. Received 2" of snow before transitioning to all pingers. Temp has been locked in at 28 for several hours now.
  8. 1.75", heaviest snow of the evening. 1-2"/hr rates. Mix is very close though. 28/28
  9. Over a half inch on the ground. Officially the snowiest day since November 15th. 29/28. S, borderline S+
  10. Snow picking up a bit in intensity, decent snow growth. 31/26. Coating down.
  11. The GFS is way north and very warm. That would be a furnace for SNE. Hard to trust GFS with the look of that rainer, but trends are NW as we close in here. Meteorology would tell us the low pressure center should stay offshore and skirt around New England given fresh cold air mass in place with drainage...
  12. Thank you for posting. Can you add the next few frames? Thanks!
  13. Thank you for providing the soundings. That looks like a snow profile to me though!
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