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  1. I'm observing comments on social media and people are still downplaying this. Saying "it's no big deal".
  2. I think 2010. If not then perhaps 1995. Those are the last biggest heatwaves I remember that had 590+ dms over the US.
  3. Yeah. There's a horrendous death ridge coming. 600 dms over the Ohio Valley and Southern Mid-Atlantic.
  4. That storm heading towards South Bronx has a lot of lightning. Maybe hail.
  5. It depends on the position of the high pressure. A more northerly high pressure means lower dews. A more southernly high means higher dews.
  6. During July and August. The air wasn't as humid like last July and August. That's weird because the dews were pretty high today. It was around 65*F.
  7. It was hot but nothing like last year. I wore my hoodie outside and I was only sweating when I started to carry a heavy bag.
  8. The DarkSky App will no longer be available for Android starting on July 1st, 2020. Are there any other weather apps that are just as good?
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