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  1. Ouch. The coupling is gone. Clearly the upcoming pattern looks hostile for any practical lower geopotential heights for the East Coast US.
  2. The last sentence, not so much. The increased coherence towards Phase 5-7 will bring mild air, but the MJO pulse may not collapse so easily past that. So I'd say we have a decent chance of snowfall past Christmas. Just not for the next several days or so.
  3. A bit of hope there, but it seems that we need a more effective -NAO and more ridging along the West Coast. Correct?
  4. Yeah. I really don't see it. So how's this going to benefit us?
  5. Your area will probably be fine. I'm mainly talking about the coast. It's one of those types of winters.
  6. I see why Isotherm is sticking with his forecast. Another boring winter coming up.
  7. Now that I'm looking at it, the departures are around +0.5 to 1.0. Not bad.
  8. It's like looking at the process of mitosis, but this one is taking a looooooong time to complete.
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