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  1. If the GFS is on to something, then the overall synoptics of the H5 pattern would be closer to the BDB of 2010 due to the potential Rex Block over the CONUS. The key to this is the Aleutian Low that @Webberweather alluded to earlier. That can provide better wave-spacing between the trough on the west and east coasts.
  2. I've seen this kind of evolution with one of the February 2010 snowstorms. I just don't remember which one.
  3. Pressure = 1000 mb * (0.5)^x ÷ 5.6 km. Although that's only for the layer of pressure in the atmosphere.
  4. Now I'm learning about the vertical structure of the atmosphere from the Carbone Manual. This manual teaches about how to calculate the height of the atmosphere and convert it into millibars.
  5. Wait. Since I'm studying for Meteorology at SUNY Maritime, does that make me a Met Student @33andrain?
  6. I'm so jealous but we will be next. In about the next two weeks or so.
  7. I have Meteorology and Oceanography classes starting this week. Finally.
  8. That could create some tasty overrunning events. Nice.
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