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  1. It's getting darker. The gust front is finally nearby.
  2. I got a 92/100 on my first Synoptic Meteorology Exam.
  3. Yeah. I was suspecting this may happen at some point, but the question is: What's driving the Eastern Ridging to go poleward?
  4. An active STJ with prominent West Coast troughing could lead to some insane GLCs.
  5. I'm going to take up Calc I and II during the next year before move on to Dynamic and Thermo Meteorology.
  6. I messed up on a couple of questions. Otherwise, I destroyed that exam.
  7. I'm taking my first Synoptic Meteorology exam today.
  8. Oh, I remember that Christmas. It was so warm that I was starting to sweat.
  9. I see you, Sam. I also see a large high pressure over Greenland.
  10. Same here. I finally removed my A/C. Cooler and natural air is better.
  11. Wow. Larry lead to the development of Nicholas? I learned something new.
  12. Looks like more upwelling at Nino 1+2 through early October?
  13. This was literally in my nightmare a few times.
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