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  1. I'll tell you what's going on. Winter doesn't wanna let go.
  2. Don't worry. We'll be talking about the three Hs by next month. If the CANSIPS is correct.
  3. That wet signature along the east coast is what the CANSIPS has been emphasizing this whole time. Mainly due to troughs becoming the main theme in July and August. So less heat. Lots of thunderstorms.
  4. It's your Birthday? Happy Birthday! My Mom's Birthday is also today.
  5. Based on the latest CANSIPS, we are still looking at a slightly cooler summer after June 2019. Despite that, the more recent run has slightly warmed ever since last month. Now there is the potential for increased heatwave episodes in the SE US. The SW US looks like an inferno this summer. The mean trough for the NE US looks slightly more progressive, so there will be 90 degree days here and there. As for the heat for the East Coast, more specifically the NE/MD-ATL. There seems to be a more aggressive chance for heatwaves during June. This is because the mean trough has flattened from the previous runs. The cooler portions of the summer now coincide with mid to late summer. Obviously, this doesn't mean that this will verify, although the CANSIPS has demonstrated great skill prowess throughout the past two months. I will keep an eye on any further developments for this summer.
  6. Yeah. Although that depends on the North Atlantic. Is it cold?
  7. I'm a bit skeptical about the heat early this summer. IMO, I see heat in the latter portion of the summer.
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