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  1. Here it is. This one. https://psl.noaa.gov/data/usclimdivs/
  2. I'm into gaming. I am looking into upgrading to a better GPU for my PC. Thinking about replacing the motherboard as well. I'll get the AORUS B550 ELITE Motherboard and the Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU or AMD RX 6000 Series GPU.
  3. I've been sneezing a lot in the past 24 hours. Thankfully it's allergies. It happened when I was cleaning my room. My room was super dusty. So worth the cleaning because now it looks good.
  4. Honestly, it seems that the QBO, ENSO, and Stratospheric backgrounds early on in cold season could be starting indicators to what we could have for winter. I'll need to find that site that averages those tellies.
  5. Well. I finally got my transcript processed to SUNY: ASC. This is the final step to getting in any SUNY school of my choice. I'm most likely going to end up in either Albany or Maritime. Just in time for Spring 2021.
  6. Now at 105 mph. Might be a Strong CAT 2 when she makes landfall.
  7. That 943 is plausible because Teddy is going through steady intensification right now.
  8. eep. Now Teddy has become a Hurricane.
  9. The timeline on the bottom is indicating the time period for the foliage level. As a prediction. I think.
  10. I'm heavily watching the Atlantic because that Canadian Maritime Ridge. The Carolinas to the NE Gulf Coast are the areas of concern because of that ridge. Along with the Caribbean.
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