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  1. That's a close call. This seems like an Eastern New England event. Looks like Boston will catch up on their seasonal totals.
  2. Yup. If the CANSIPS is correct, we should be getting severe weather frequently through July with the mean trough over the NE US.
  3. Looks kinda "Superstormy" EDIT: Yup. My suspicions were confirmed. A Triple Phaser. Why a Triple Phaser? It's because of the low crashing onto the West Coast at a slow pace and that spikes up the PNA. Meanwhile, the storm that was traversing the Aleutians becomes a transient 50/50 low. Then there's a lead wave near Northern Alaska gets reeled down towards the Midwest when the PNA spike occurs.
  4. Idk why. It wasn't like that back in the pre-NBC takeover days.
  5. Yup. The Northeast/Northern Mid-Atlantic will avoid a heatwave with that.
  6. Not the drought part. Just the heat. Having a high enough dm over the SW and Midwest US is more than enough to spark up extended heat waves. Also it makes sense because the CANSIPS is showing a relatively +NAO signature.
  7. I'm seeing some interesting comparisons about this upcoming summer might be comparable to 1936. The CANSIPS does see this to a certain extent.
  8. And cooler summers. Which is why the latest CANSIPS isn't really gung-ho on a hot summer so far. Looks troughy.
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