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  1. I got both doses. Nothing happened except for a sore arm for a day after both. I got Pfizer.
  2. Great! About time. I had encountered one on Twitter that posed as someone in the pharmaceutical business, but was actually a bot. I think people are finally starting to understand that we just need to get this whole thing over with.
  3. You should really see how the antivaxxers are pushing back with their "18 years of pharmaceutical experience" nonsense on social media. They are posing as fake pharmaceutical employees and it disgusts me.
  4. My Dad was vaccinated about two weeks ago. The side effects were a loss of appetite and a dry mouth with body aches. That's about it.
  5. Yeah. It is worse, especially with mosquitoes and no A/C.
  6. I learned about ENSO Phases today.
  7. Learned about the Ekman Transport today in Oceanography.
  8. It's done. The rain is winning out here at Throgs Neck.
  9. The flakes are the size of half-dollar coins here at Throgs Neck.
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