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  1. A test was done on the patient in NJ and the criteria were not met with this particular coronavirus. So that means that the patient didn't have the Wuhang Coronavirus.
  2. I found out that this strain of the coronavirus is much like the coronavirus that we deal with every year in the US. This strain is similar, yet slightly different. The only difference is that it develops more Influenza-like symptoms for those that have a weak immune system. So I'm not entirely worried about this type of Coronavirus. Unless if it mutates.
  3. I would actually dance for this snow. I don't dance, but I'll do it for this.
  4. I really hope so. I'm reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaally bored of the current weather. Also, I fear the children may not experience good snowfall this winter if this desolate pattern keeps up.
  5. Remember these four years ago? Good times. NAM @HR 84 For Blizzard of 2016. HRRR @HR 24 For Blizzard of 2016.
  6. I didn't get into SUNY Albany yet to do so. I'll explain when I have the time and knowledge to do so.
  7. It's a possibility that the MJO being super amped recently has overwhelmed the other tellies.
  8. Yeah. Climatologically speaking, the PV will take some decent hits late in the season. Ultimately that will result in late season snowfall and a cold start to spring. Again.
  9. Heavy wind-driven rain for the coast and heavy wind-driven snow inland.
  10. Remember the NAEFS? Whatever happened to that? It was the most accurate model to use for situations like this.
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