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  1. I won't be able to take Dynamic Meteorology for another year or so. I need to take Calculus, Physics, and Statistics first.
  2. Yup. Still a Light Wintry Mix in South Bronx.
  3. Hail here in South Bronx. At least 0.5" in diameter.
  4. They had that mindset last winter and that didn't work out well.
  5. I'm a Met Student. I'm currently enrolled in SUNY Maritime.
  6. Funny. There was a memory from 2014 with the same snowfall, around the same time. I should find it on my FB page.
  7. I found the location. Having a larger screenshot helps with the specific location.
  8. I checked their forecast last night and it said something else.
  9. True that. Inversion are like bottle caps of the lower troposphere.
  10. Wow. I just learned a lesson about influential weather patterns.
  11. My Meteorology teacher pointed out the water temps and wave heights yesterday. I was thinking that the water temperatures will significantly drop because of the massive waves being pushed from Newfoundland to 40*N. The waves were at least 8 meters tall next to New England.
  12. Well, that explains the absurd amounts of potential rainfall.
  13. I'll keep an eye on this. I honestly think this is overdone because we are entering a period of wave suppression with the MJO going into the COD.
  14. It's getting darker. The gust front is finally nearby.
  15. I got a 92/100 on my first Synoptic Meteorology Exam.
  16. Yeah. I was suspecting this may happen at some point, but the question is: What's driving the Eastern Ridging to go poleward?
  17. An active STJ with prominent West Coast troughing could lead to some insane GLCs.
  18. I'm going to take up Calc I and II during the next year before move on to Dynamic and Thermo Meteorology.
  19. I messed up on a couple of questions. Otherwise, I destroyed that exam.
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