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  1. I think it's the *LR* loop back around into 5/6 that has people reeling, especially since last year's MJO trauma is still fresh. Need to take some deep breaths and remember that these plots have been flopping all over the place though.
  2. Undoubtedly not the configuration of pretty colors we'd prefer to see on those LR maps. But given that our tempestuous (and tenacious) PAC jet has had the models flipping and flopping as of late, I am not ready to close the shades just yet. I distinctly remember people worrying about a December torch around Thanksgiving, but that did not exactly pan out up here. I'll admit it though, I am pretty tired of what, in practical terms, feels like an endless string of Niña-esque winters.
  3. I honestly fail to grasp the pattern change denialism among some here. What is it based on? Maybe these people haven’t gone outside?
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