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  1. LOL . That is hilarious. I love Mike Tyson for his comments and his boxing skills.
  2. Yes sir... But when it goes right... It's a magnificent feeling...
  3. Lol. Ok I will have to believe you!
  4. 18" is definitely too low. Philadelphia had 31". And that is not far from Cherry Hill. My uncle actually lived in Cherry Hill and he got around 30 - 32"
  5. Exactly. The poor sfc temps and the ratios were terrible in the beginning and I remember thinking if it was a tad cooler and had more powdery snow, this would be an all timer, easily 35-40 inches. Unbelievable stuff. I remember reading that Baltimore getting 20 inches once it flipped over to the wall of snow.
  6. If the blizzard of 1996 was measured like we do today, I wouldn't have not been surprised if parts of NJ/PA had exceeded 40". As great as 2016 was, it quite does not match those amounts. I will you one storm that could have easily beaten 1996.... February 9-10, 2010. And that had so much liquid and it was incredibly dynamic. It was unreal how the sfc low exploded in that one, that could have easily produced 40" plus. The first, February 5-6, wasn't quite as cold as February 9-10. I remain convinced that one day we will get a 40-44 inch snowstorm in the near future.
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