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  1. 1972-1973 was horrible too.. Still ranked as the snowless season.
  2. This a top 5 worst of all time. I think 01-02 is still worse though ay #1 all time worse. Then this or 11-12 or 97-98.
  3. Hmm. This top 5 worse as of now But I think 01-02 still is the worst ever. And then 1997-1998. Let's see what March does...
  4. 1991-1992 was a terrible winter as well. Similar to this one. And 1994-1995 also.
  5. Perhaps March will have a fluke chance as it always does...
  6. Bring on the winter of 2020-2021...
  7. Yep. Unfortunately the lack of high latitude blocking is a huge problem... Maybe next winter will be better as it can't get much worse than this...
  8. Those two storms do not even belong in the same category. 2006 was 1-2 feet. What about 2008? 6-10"? When you consider a saving storm, it's definitely an example of 2006.
  9. Yes I can agree but I have no doubt if we had a classic block it would buck the flow and we would get at least a warning level type snow.
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