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  1. I've kept tabs on Philadelphia's weather records and history since the start of my met studies as a freshman....there is no record going back to 1874 that has teens in mid-November. Late November and 20s, yes, but not to this scale. It would be unparalleled if this came to attainment. There has only been once instance of single-digits and that was the last day of the month in 1875!
  2. Thank you for posting this. I've heard TNH thrown around by pro mets, but never knew what it signified. At least now I know what attributed to the 70 degree weekend in mid January of 1995.
  3. It is refreshing to see the pros discuss the post-Nino winter phenomena. Philadelphia's weather records represent these ideas well, along with what Anthony M wrote in his tweet. 59-60, 66-67, 78-79, 92-93 all come to mind. Now, for a dichotomy, 89-90, 2001-2002, 2012-2013 (what "could" have been, minus 01-02 for the Mid Atlantic). This will be my first full-winter as a met student on this forum, and am looking forward to all of your analysis and input. Very exciting to see others point out my intensive thoughts over these two years of looking over NWS records from the past 60 years.
  4. Thank you for linking this again. Didn't realize the coastal in early Feb. 1995 was a monster in New England. Now I'll be reading the synopsis of each season all night!
  5. A winter to gleam over in the record books. Holds the distinction for Philly in many aspects. One of the earliest/largest snowstorms occurred in Dec. 1960 for them. (14.6 inches)! Long stretches of arctic air, three major nor'easters over the Dec-Feb period, and a few clippers thrown in for fun. I wouldn't mind that at all! Inaugural Blizzard of 1961 was a doozy from what I read.
  6. Started at UNCC, now at Millersville. The 2016 blizzard made me realize I had made the wrong decision, location-wise. Being back north again (I believe) was the best choice, as I love the winter so much. Plus, I wanted a university that has yearly experience with all types of winter dynamics. I have nothing against my southern counterparts.
  7. Out of curiosity, how did you locate which years were La Nina/El Nino, pre 1950? This met student would highly appreciate it!
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