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  1. During the 1940-41 season Philadelphia recorded 11.3" over four separate events prior to the 2 big storms on the last day of FEB into early MAR. Philly specific the current much below average snowfall pace already starts to raise some red flags for performance the remainder of season. Should this trend continue through JAN the prospects for the remainder of the season are not promising. For the (31) seasons in which Philadelphia records 4" or less snow thru JAN the average snowfall for the remainder of the season is 9.9" (AVE is 11.6"). Only (4) of those seasons finished with above average seasonal snowfall & one of those was the result of a 19.4" April hay maker. Long term POR average seasonal snowfall at Philadelphia is 22.6", average thru JAN is 11.0", currently PHL has recorded a lusty 0.1" for the season.
  2. NJ will find a way to brine & salt thru Mother's Day, the amount of slop they've put down on roads this season for non-events has been obscene. Hard to believe how vegetation adjacent to major highways even survives.
  3. what a difference a year makes, Manasquan, NJ on this date a year ago
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