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  1. Because I’m done with this winter and non-winter weather doesn’t excite me so wake me on December 1st and hopefully I’ll have something to get excited about by then.
  2. Have a nice spring and summer everybody. I’ll see you all in December. Hopefully this horrible pattern will have changed by then and we’ll have some snow events to track. Arriverderci.
  3. Some of our biggest storms over the years have come on weekends.
  4. I just want to get NAMed once this winter. That’s it. One HECS and I’ll be happy.
  5. Actually we’ve had some big snowstorms over the last 25 years and I believe we’ve been above average for the season more times than not in those 25 years. But we don’t live in a snow belt so we must keep expectations low here.
  6. I’ll be happy if it’s not a rain changing to snow scenario. Those can be very frustrating and annoying when you live near the coast. I like it when the ground is cold and dry and the very first flakes that fall stick immediately.
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