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  1. Awww yeah! I am in Eastern Northampton County. Bring it!
  2. Is that Fronto going north or northeast? Also, do you want to be under that or above it?
  3. Watching the radar hoping that real heavy stuff makes up to ABE. If it does, I think we hit 7-8". Easton has about 3" already. My temp is 33 however I am not sure I believe it. But Noaa has it at 34 so it may be right...
  4. Nothing to help it do either. 8-10 hr max. Woulda been a major major storm if it were longer.
  5. I see what you are saying however I think our main problem (our as in the Dc to Boston) is the best precip is offshore will no real CCB. It’s either west with heavier precipitation and warmth or east with less and more cold. Problem is not even the ensembles are picking up on your hypothisis. I think the ceiling is becoming clearer that this is a 3-6” inch storm at most. Unless this come west again.
  6. I don’t like that idea either. Models aren’t upping moisture. It seems they are decreasing it. I wonder if it’s because of the two low idea..
  7. Yea I am not a fan of all these east moves tonight. One more move east and this isn’t going to end well.
  8. I said " If those ensemble plots are right". That was after you posted the EPS. So no, I didn't forget. I'm not basing anything off the Euro/EPS. I was stating what I saw. I'm not trying to start an argument. I thought this forum was to post and talk about weather, whether it's good or bad for your area. I really like this site. Sorry I even said anything.
  9. I think we are OK. Wouldn't call it safe yet. 95 is in the battleground.
  10. This is looking more and more like a classic NW of 95 major snowstorm. If those ensemble plots are right. That is a huge hit for an ensemble mean.
  11. Those toggles between 6z and 12z don't look a whole lot different to me. Some model noise but that's about it. If that low could mover 50-75 east that would be fantastic for the Philly, NYC etc I would think.
  12. Are the SREF's even to be taken seriously? I hear a lot of mets don't even look at them because of how wrong they always. So maybe take with a grain of salt?
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