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  1. One thing that we are missing this year, other than snowstorms are clippers. Is the pacific causing a lack of clippers this year?
  2. Lol goes to rain on the backside of the storm? What?!? I don’t think so.
  3. Right on the benchmark. Question to me would be how is precip on the western side. The UKMET was lackluster on that.
  4. I don't know much about the ICON other than it's a german model. Is the model based on another models specs?
  5. I remember watching the models and thinking this has the makings of a 1996 Pt2. Since the beginning it was supposed to be Washington DC getting smashed. I just had a feeling it was going to move north then as soon as the NAM got in range, it was way north and was nailing my area (The Lehigh Valley) with 30" amounts. Everyone thought the NAM was crazy. I ended up with 32".
  6. What does the brightest pink mean?? Is that the mean of the ensembles?
  7. I have a question on ensembles. For example, its says the GEPS and GEFS are out to sea, however their OP is a hit. How can that be? What makes the OP turn away from it's own ensembles. Like how/why does it over ride it? I hope this question makes sense...
  8. Yea I know but if you look at the ensemble snowfall maps and look at the 0z they look the same.
  9. The GFS is bouncing around more than a ping pong ball. It's not even following its own ensembles. When the ICON shows a hit, you have to wonder.... Edit: Actually snowfall map shows exactly what the ensembles are showing.
  10. It certainly would be nice to have some sort of HP up north. This is a razor thin margin for a frozen storm or else it rains. Hoping ensembles can lead the way and show us something that can at least hold in the marginally cold air. I feel like the Phillies, we are up by 2 runs (Miller A storm) in the top of the 9th yet we blow it because of our bullpen(no cold air).
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