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  1. Crazy cloud formation before it started pouring in Staten Island
  2. Most impressive storm of season “winter wise” lol Hail was coming down. Coated grass
  3. Family friend who lives in Woodstock Georgia told me it’s been snowing at a good clip there. Little more then an inch so far. And we can’t get anything. Crazy winter!! Oh well maybe March will surprise us
  4. Heartbreaking. Maybe Mother Nature will make up for that!!!
  5. HOLY S***!!!! Please Mother Nature. HELP US OUT. WE NEED THIS !!!! 🌨🌬
  6. It’s great to see there are storms on the horizon!! Will we cash in “hope so”. At least we have something to track that could be favorable. #wetrack
  7. OMG!!! I stepped away for 15 mins and come back to 40+ pages. Knew something good was up. Oh please. Can this happen
  8. Sorry should have thought before about that before sending. Your right. Storm is still there. my bad!!!
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