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  1. I’m not plowing yet. Has to be 2” on the ground. But we have salt spreaders going around.
  2. Snowing at a decent clip here in Staten Island for the last hour. Streets starting to whiten
  3. Currently just started snowing with large flakes in Staten Island!!!
  4. So far Latest models are focusing on same areas with banding. Nj nyc areas. Hopefully it finally has an idea.
  5. Yep! Started at 7p tonight working 12 hours. Then back at it tomorrow night. Hopefully when the snow is heavy!! what is start time ?
  6. DSNY have us driving around spreading salt!!! and the rain just washing it away!!! cant make this stuff up!!!!
  7. If these totals come true for nyc area , is it in short period of time Bc of heavy banding or long duration? thanks for reply
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