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  1. Looks like things are starting to look up going forward. I feel like this always happens...big warmup, melt all the snow, then replenish
  2. The GEFS agrees with you thoughts. Not much snow in the area before the 9th, but it then explodes from the 9th on with a vast majority of the members showing a rather big snowstorm for the mid Atlantic. Here’s the before and after shots for the 9-17 timeframe along w all the members totals
  3. I love seeing that 32 degree line get squashed east
  4. How much snow can we expect to see from this squall line here in EPA?
  5. Yes I agree. Back to the system that actually may affect us. Are we leaning more towards the euro/develop a low and snow, or the gfs/frontal passage with minor snows.
  6. I guess it all depends where you live. If your a nyc city slicker, then yes, further offshore would be better. However, I think if it were further offshore it would mean a weaker storm as it doesn’t bomb out like the prior two euro runs. Us inlanders want it to bomb, you i95ers most likely want the weaker offshore version
  7. Yea definitely not as “good” as the previous two runs. The last two bombed it out quick thus tossing precip back on the NW flank
  8. GEFS looking pretty stout. Couple big hits in there.
  9. Sheesh... these models look pretty bare for the next 10 days aside from that clipper to our north. Looks like another month well below average snowfall
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