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  1. Wide right missed phase. Seems to be the going trend tn
  2. I think this is going warmer on the 00z runs. SREF’s threw a big red flag out there.
  3. The SREF’s came in much much warmer
  4. Thank you, much appreciated. For those immediate fringe areas between all snow and Mix, will heavy precipitation rates create some sort of dynamic cooling and possibly keep it all snow? Or does that not even matter
  5. What layer of the atmosphere will be responsible for mixing in the Nw areas? The 850mb?
  6. Can you repost that? The image didn’t load up
  7. Still looks good for interior areas of Nepa
  8. Interesting considering everyone said it would be undermodeled
  9. Does anyone have access to the short range Rpm
  10. Nice se shift on GEFS for those borderline mix areas in Nepa