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  1. WE don't even have general consensus on what the tracking is? Why talk about certain area impacts when things are still up in the air? Just my .2
  2. Same reason I don’t believe we are going to have a Mexican low on the LR Nam?
  3. Per the Icon, I guess I am tracking severe rather than snow? Next
  4. Valentine's Day storm. I- 70 guys cashed in big. We end up with 2-3.... Happened again in 2007 lol. Some things never change.
  5. 98-99 Were good years for snow. 1998 was the double digit snow. I don't think we have had a double digit snow since 98 (from a single event)
  6. Cincy12


  7. Don't go jinxing us now! We have been screwed more times than I can remember. Models may be in our favor, buts odds are not. I'll believe it when the ruler is in the ground!
  8. What else are we going to do at work....... lol
  9. Compared to the other models I would absolutely consider the FV3 the leader against the other models (for this storm). First to show the system and continually kept the "more southerly approach". The GFS and Euro trended north until it finally lined up with the FV3.
  10. FV3 for the December 8-10 event was king. The NAM followed suit..
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