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  1. I sure hope so. I think the modeling might be a little off in trying to understand how drastic this PV will be. But is there not the issue that when the PV gets here that it then pushes storms to the south and out because of its strength? Also, with this most recent one, it was great. Definitely more than anticipated, but we had to wait basically two years to get it.
  2. Looking at the modeling I am convinced that we are just going to go on a cycle of brutal cold and then too warm for snow and back and forth here in the DC region. I guess it is not asking much of the pattern to shift just a little and maybe with some more NAO blocking in February the prospects might get better, but I was hoping for one more good one before leaving January!
  3. Looking at the 3K NAM, DC is not too far off from an ice storm 🥶
  4. While I would not mind another foot of snow in DC through the rest of winter, I am hoping this stormy and cold pattern can bring us more than that! How accurate are these month and a half out projections if we cant ever solidify totals for a storm less than 72 hours out?
  5. Me (hoping for another good snow with this round in DC):
  6. Very true, still holding to a more than likely rain situation, but at the same time the shifts we need are not that much to ask for!
  7. I am liking being in DC more and more. The trend further south does not need to budge that much more for us down here to get in on the winter weather fun!
  8. I am convinced they measure precip under an umbrella....
  9. Literally twenty minutes later, NWS reduced totals...
  10. It seems like there is always a north trend with the storm. I am surprised the models over the years have not picked up on that and now make it the case in their simulations further out.
  11. zlyda