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  1. HRRR is also wanting to bring precip in early and is pretty strong 0z HRRR goes out to 7AM Wednesday morning and already has an inch in the DC metro area with plenty more coming in behind it.
  2. One thing I have noticed with the systems this season is that the models like to take things further south in the medium range and then they trend back north in the short term. I don't want the bullseye this far out because that gives me a feeling it won't pan out. As long as we have the pieces of the puzzle we can see how they fit together. For example, the Saturday system had the line of best accumulations right across DC the past couple of days, this made me a little nervous. Now that it has gone a little south of DC, I like where I am. Now if the pattern holds the way it has in the past, we should see little ticks to the north as we get closer and then my DC suburbs lawn might just get snow covered again.
  3. Still ten days out though, even the Euro has been snow happy this winter at ten days out very often. Although, this one looks better than those that came before it!
  4. Do you have the ability to zoom those out a little to show the DC region? Thanks!
  5. I just love how easy this snow today was to clear, went out with the broom and had it taken care of in less than 15 mins. Still a nice inch and a quarter here in Alexandria, VA. Every system has boomed here this year. Making up for the hole we endured for nearly three years! The pattern is looking like we might all get to enjoy some more soon!
  6. Absolutely! I would never expect 2 feet of snow in Columbus, GA. I have just noticed this trend of late where the new GFS tries to throw the winter weather south of Atlanta.
  7. I will have what they are having please! What is up with the new GFS and it’s propensity for trying to give insane snow totals in the SE USA. A little worried that this will be the new American standard.
  8. They just put up Winter Storm Watches around Metro Atlanta for this system. I think that is a bit of an aggressive call, but it shows that this system might pack a bit of a bigger punch than originally anticipated for some.
  9. Ya, I was surprised when one of my local TV meteorologists this morning was saying nothing is going to happen. I am not sure how someone can make such a direct call so far out with models still all over the place.
  10. I am a little confused. Yesterday, when I was a little pessimistic about the pattern I saw, I was told to be calm and everyone was going to benefit from the pattern change. But now everyone seems pessimistic, what changed so drastically from yesterday?
  11. I sure hope so. I think the modeling might be a little off in trying to understand how drastic this PV will be. But is there not the issue that when the PV gets here that it then pushes storms to the south and out because of its strength? Also, with this most recent one, it was great. Definitely more than anticipated, but we had to wait basically two years to get it.
  12. Looking at the modeling I am convinced that we are just going to go on a cycle of brutal cold and then too warm for snow and back and forth here in the DC region. I guess it is not asking much of the pattern to shift just a little and maybe with some more NAO blocking in February the prospects might get better, but I was hoping for one more good one before leaving January!
  13. Looking at the 3K NAM, DC is not too far off from an ice storm
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