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  2. Models only show it warming from here on out, it may flip back to snow briefly for another hour but there is going to be a very warm surge of upper level air centered ~850MB. The coastal development continues shifting N & W each run and I expect this will continue to actuality. DC is probably going to flip, its burbs may change back to snow, but the warm tongue is likely being undermodeled.
  3. RIC is already changing over to rain and sleet.
  4. HRRR is worlds apart from NAM at 18 hrs and probably more wrong than NAM. There is a massive WAA surge concurrent with the development of the coastal and it keeps trending N. DC is going to go to sleet. This always happens in these kinds of setups.
  5. It most definitely does switch.
  6. The 3KM NAM switches to sleet at the height of the storm in DC. It has warmed very significantly.