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  1. He's going to plug his humidifier in, guaranteed to get 1" of snow from it
  2. I’ll be happy with another 2” here and calling it a day. Inland locations have better shot at reaching 4”
  3. 17.5 in Muttontown & 18.2 in Syosset for the low.
  4. You can't move to LES country and bring a little dinky ruler, haha. Time to get the yard stick out. Enjoy the snow!
  5. I’m hoping they hold and keep coming overnight tonight. My son will be happy to throw some snowballs in the morning before the bus comes.
  6. Looks like the cell in the band dropped close to 1” of snow as it passed by, which I’ll gladly take.
  7. Snowing at a good clip now. Streets covered and starting to accumulate.
  8. I hear ya, have a coworker that commutes from Sayville to Great Neck, even further. Smart move to crash in Brookville.
  9. Your profile says Islip, are you at CW Post or NYIT? You’re 10 min away from me down Northern Blvd if so.
  10. Yeah this should hopefully put down 1” for us. Watching and hoping it doesn’t fall apart.
  11. Doubt the delayed opening happens, but maybe we score a surprise accumulation overnight so that it does. Still only expecting 2" in Syosset by tomorrow morning.
  12. At work in Great Neck, been snowing steady for the past 30 min or so and only the grass & parked cars are getting white so far.
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