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  1. 44.5 in Muttontown & 45.5 in Syosset for morning lows.
  2. 36.9 in Muttontown & 41.7 in Syosset for the low this morning.
  3. 37.3 in Muttontown & 41.1 in Syosset this morning.
  4. I’ve held out. Last two mornings it’s been 67 in the house on both floors. Warms up to 71 with a/c set to that temp when sun does its thing. Think I’ll be able to wait until October before kicking heat on, shall see.
  5. Something to keep an eye out on the next week or so:
  6. Lows were at midnight as NE winds bumped temps up overnight. 42.8 in Muttontown & 48.4 in Syosset.
  7. 47.1 in Syosset & 47.9 in Muttontown this morning.
  8. And we have Beta: And down goes another record:
  9. And Alpha we have by Portugal as a subtropical system currently. Looks like Beta may end up being used for TD22, go figure that one.
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