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  1. I’m sure as heck not going to laugh off the CMC anymore like I use to, that’s for sure. I’ll reserve that for the ICON & I hope the GFS doesn’t get to that level either.
  2. Social media most likely IMO, as you have highlighted repeatedly on here.
  3. The IOD (Indian Ocean Dipole) being in a positive phase for a long time is the cause for wild fires with drought over Australia, as well the MJO being unfavorable.
  4. Snow starting to change to rain here. 3” and 33 now. Happy with this little event. 9” for the season here so far.
  5. So true. Expecting 2” Saturday before changeover. Seems to be the theme so far with 2” here and there. Hopefully the 25/26 storm changes that.
  6. Mods can move to another topic, as they see fit. This is an interesting article on satellite laser wind measurements being used by the Euro with UKMET next and Germans to start soon. Other agencies are going to use data as well it seems. Helped for S Hemisphere forecasts so far. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-51070870
  7. 66.8 in Muttontown and 66.3 in Syosset for the high today. Started up the snowblower, made sure it'll be ready if needed in a couple of weeks from now.
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