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  1. Sleeting with rain here at my office in Great Neck.
  2. This is great news. Hope the numbers of those getting vaccinated keeps going up!
  3. Hopefully by tonight your mom feels better. Usually the first 24hrs are the worst if you have symptoms after the shot.
  4. Oh I know that, I am just giving the stats. Seen that plenty of times at MSG for knicks games, since we have had season tickets for over 40 years.
  5. Attendance was 38,238. Capacity is 40k, so 96% of seats filled per ESPN boxscore.
  6. 68.1 in Muttontown & 67 in Syosset for the high. Had fun with wife & kids at Tobay beach this afternoon despite the strong NW winds.
  7. 28.2 in Syosset & 28.6 in Muttontown for the morning low.
  8. Looks like some graupel fell overnight, woke up to this on my deck.
  9. NWS server is down across multiple sites this morning.
  10. Peak gust in Syosset was 41 mph & 39 mph in Muttontown.
  11. It'll happen, both my stations went W and winds gusted just over 30 mph. DPs are dropping like a rock:
  12. Appears the 80 degree heat comes in quick once it does arrive. Should get to you in 15 min or so would be my guess.
  13. 80 in Muttontown, Syosset only 73 currently.
  14. 70 in Muttontown & Syosset today for high. See if a run close to 80 can happen tomorrow.
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