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  1. High so far has been 88 for NYC. Had we been sunny from the start today we would have seen mid 90s around the area like Philly is seeing.
  2. So Hydroxychloroquine now helps? https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/02/health/hydroxychloroquine-coronavirus-detroit-study/index.html
  3. Tomorrow could add another day over 90, then next week around the 7th to 9th looks like we could possibly see the first heatwave.
  4. I'm seeing only 20% of the ICU beds are COVID patients & they are making more COVID ICU units. It sounds like they did not stop electives timely, I see Abbott ordered yesterday they do, and the hospitals decided to either gamble or were in denial while COVID cases were rising and coming in the door. Just mind boggling from my perspective. Luckily they'll be able to handle the coming influx as electives have been stopped and more beds & COVID only units come online.
  5. Some countries in Europe are reopening schools. CT has a reopen plan in place, I think schools reopen unless teacher unions raise hell, which they will. So we’ll see on that front. Here’s my big issue with this inflammation disease in the kids, how many kids had tested positive for COVID overall (asymptomatic too), not just when they show up with this disease? I think this inflammation disease is so minute but no one can say it definitively because we mostly tested adults and only when they were showing symptoms. I hope now that testing capacity has ramped up we could say X kids positive with COVID and X have this inflammation disease. Instead of waiting for only the really sick to show up and get tested. Even my kids got COVID tested yesterday for camp, though my wife (an NP) in the back seat with them said they’ll never catch a positive the way they swabbed my kids. If states mandated COVID testing for kids prior to start of school perhaps we could quantify this risk better.
  6. They didn't reopen their Pubs yet in the UK, did they? If & when they do, I'm sure we'll see that graph take a turn for the worse IMO.
  7. Gotcha. Yeah it’s been tough to break 90. I only have hit 89.6 in Syosset, highest temp to date this year, a cheap 90 degree day imo.
  8. If you look at link I posted. Look to the right for the 6hr high temp, it hit 90 between hourly obs. So 90 happened at NYC today.
  9. Just had the gust front pass here in Muttontown with the cell that passed N. Approach of gust front: Passing of gust front:
  10. No sure who made a forecast of zero 90 degree days but it seems 90 is a struggle this year so far. I’d forecast 10-15 days of 90 for the year for KNYC.
  11. Central Park hit 90, second 90 of the year for them. https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/mesowest/getobext.php?sid=KNYC&table=1&num=168&banner=off
  12. Looks like a watch is coming soon for S NE https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md1034.html
  13. Going to be close, depends on the scattered cumulus & wind direction.
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