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  1. Just need to get the PAC side to cooperate, which seems impossible this winter so far.
  2. I see on NY Daily News site, 23K NYC appts have been cancelled & NYPD is now doing a temporary stop on vaccinations, both due to shortage of vaccine. Really hope the drug companies can ramp up production.
  3. Moderate snow & 32. Nice coating on all surfaces.
  4. NYT link shows this under their graphs/charts as their source: Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  5. DeBlasio is the only reason I can think of. NYC has a lower 7 day avg than LI for positivity, for probably a month plus, and restaurants were only allowed 25% indoors, so I don’t see why they went full close based on numbers. It sucks for the businesses and for residents wanting to dine indoors.
  6. A lot of NYC residents are doing the same in Nassau county. Wish they would open indoor dining back up in the NYC as those wanting to dine indoors are just going to LI, NJ, Westchester and even CT. Defeats the whole minimize spread of virus potentially. Newsday had an article on this a little over a week ago. Regardless, hope you enjoyed your meal, we need the tax revenue out here, haha.
  7. Next month is the target for GFS v16 (parallel) to become the operational GFS model.
  8. Not surprised one bit. Only bolsters Wuhan lab theory IMO. WHO team blocked from entering China to study origins of coronavirus https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/05/china/china-blocks-who-team-coronavirus-intl-hnk/index.html
  9. Most likely once Biden is sworn in. Salt cap repeal perhaps as well.
  10. Bigger issue is the N Vorts aren't in the best upper air sampled environment. So as you see on the models, it's jumping around when trying to be resolved from run to run.
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