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  1. More south hopefully means a bit more SE of a track so Baltimore can stay a bit colder a bit longer and get a bit more snow!!!
  2. Ok I gotchu..btw did you know I own that park? Haha
  3. This doesn’t count sleet and ice as snow..so use this one instead...
  4. That’s just a lie lol..depending on location of course...
  5. If the high is in the “perfect” spot, then why isn’t it a colder storm? Is it the track of the Low?
  6. Stupid sleet lol..I’ll take that over freezing rain tho!!
  7. The stronger the high, the more cold and snow before the transition to sleet/frz rain for the Baltimore area?
  8. Oh like the mean of all the members?..I like that..especially since Baltimore stays mainly snow on it lol..but we all know how this finna end for the Baltimore area..🥸🥸
  9. As long as I get some snow in Baltimore, I’ll be a bit happier..always want the bigger totals but it still has to snow for that to happen..so I’ll take what I can get!
  10. Wouldn’t that cause suppression bc of how close it is tho?
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