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  1. BGWX @Brady30951303 · 7m I’m almost tossing the Nams. Not taking in account for how prolific the CAD will be whatsoever. Nam is out of its already not so comfortable comfort zone with East Coast cyclogenesis which this is not one of those nice Miller A events for the Nam to handle better
  2. Hasn't this model done really well with the last few storms?
  3. Can you post the ice map for the 6Z EURO for PA and NYC? Thank you!
  4. Is the EURO still cold and icy for Tuesday or did it cave to the other models.
  5. Is the EURO still showing a lot of ice?
  6. What do the GEFS show for Tuesday? I know 12Z showed it colder than the OP.
  7. Actually the GFS PARA took a turn towards the EURO before changing to rain.
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