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  1. Late but I got 8.7" snow/sleet from the system and only a trace of brief freezing drizzle. Change to sleet was earlier than it even appeared in the short term (7.3" snow at the changeover) as WAA aloft seemed under modeled. As expected, CAD did its thing at the surface, keeping it so cold that ZR didn't have much of a chance this far north. Was in the teens for much of the day, except for just after midnight for a short time (when it was still snow) and from 3-6 PM, which is when we had the freezing drizzle (before 5, anyway, but after 5:00 is when it very briefly switched back to a meaningless snow with cooling aloft). As for today, our high so far is 3 degrees, at this current moment. (It was also 3 at midnight.)
  2. Thanks. Mad about the NW trend, but at least I'm getting a sizable snow from the front end before an icy mess takes over. I feel bad for the NY/NJ/PA/CT folks here.
  3. My going idea for southern New England. Disappointed by overnight trends, but still expecting a good 10-12 inches where I am from the front end thump. 1-3" sleet will also statistically count toward this map.
  4. The late afternoon headline update commences: BOX goes to Winter Storm Warning for the northern tier of MA (me!!!), keeps the Watch elsewhere. Expecting GYX to go to Warnings. As for OKX and PHI, would have to guess cancelled watches for some spots, Advisories for some, and maybe Warnings in a few spots. (I'm not as privy to the situation in the NYC area as I am in New England.)
  5. My going numbers for southern New England. Cut back on Boston/points south snow a little bit vs. last night, kept a relatively consistent forecast from northern MA on north, as the front end thump looks pretty good up this way.
  6. Never noticed that. Though it would make sense considering they are the exception in most storms in these parts.
  7. Due to work at 4:00, I was forced to not finish this until after 0z runs had began rolling. My opening call for southern New England, but I feel I might have to change this in the AM.
  8. So glad that a hockey game I have to go to got moved ahead Saturday. Means I can call out of work. I work at a grocery store as a cashier, which should tell it all. (Luckily they have a lot of employees on Saturdays.)
  9. My personal two cents for portions of southern New England with this one.... honestly not expecting much. (I know, it might snow at the CT coast.)
  10. Wow. EC op is all snow at my place. Makes me so happy that I edited this post made by another student forecaster at UMass Lowell yesterday. (It originally said "...snow, switching to rain..."). Of course, we still have several days to go and an icy mix could be part of the final equation... but odds are better and better for all snow. I could be looking at quite a large total here in that case.
  11. Agree. Also should calm down in general - I know it's been a tough winter so far, but there is so much time for shuffling of the exact track here.
  12. If anyone wants to see some EPS temp charts like that, I subscribe to the same site that Ryan Hanrahan got that from, I'd be willing to post a few (most likely after 12z comes through) -------------------------------- This would put the jackpot basically right over my house lol. Would love it, but I don't see it happening, even if the storm is all snow where I am (which is possible).
  13. I concur. Way too much freaking out for something that is still over five days away. If there's still a lot of ice/sleet in the mix on Friday or Saturday, then maybe freak out. As impressive as the overall storm-favoring signal is, we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that it is still Monday.
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