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  1. here in the uplands of BK we have a little over 4" i'd say, leafy branches coming down...
  2. Feel like there's something I, as a newbie, am not in on haha...
  3. Wholesome, Iconic Rippage here in Bed Stuy : bksn.mov Still doesn't do it justice.
  4. here's bedstuy an hour ago. Now the fun part begins!
  5. Corner of Clinton Hill --- Fulton and Franklin. Starting to pick up again!
  6. non-treated areas in Bed Stuy (our backyard is paved). Some spots seem up to five inches
  7. Steady moderate snow continues in Bed Stuy, but noticing more melting going on than before. Sun is highest now, plus we've been only on the edge of the big stuff. That being said, a few inches even on pavement.
  8. Bed Stuy, been sticking to everything for a while. Just beautiful. Took almost the exact same pic last storm around this time, so we shall see!
  9. Hi team- Long-time lurker, first time post-er. Just want to say, this was a terrific forum that stayed way ahead of this system. As a total amateur, I learned a lot and found it really enjoyable. Would love a 20/20 discussion about how this thing evolved and some core lessons-- I have some thoughts about why convection has become more influential for storm evolution and therefore has made some models less accurate, but have no idea whether they hold up. In the meantime, here are some pics from Brooklyn!
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