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  1. How can they switch to this? It’s worse that our current model!
  2. Seems like we've bee saying that all winter. Will this be the one?!?
  3. What looked so promising over the past few days is quickly trending in the wrong direction. Hopefully the models are having problems again in the mid ranges and will correct favorably for us this time.
  4. Right onboard with how threats this winter have evolved!
  5. What's it going to take to have one of these storms deepen a bit more off of the coast to give us a stronger storm?
  6. Being new to the board, what does KU stand for?
  7. Sure do! Here’s KABE - my neck of the woods!
  8. Anybody see the Ukie for the potential snow threats this weekend (2/16-2/18)?
  9. LVWeather23

    Snow/Sleet/ZR/Kitchen Sink 2/10-2/12 Event

    Snowing heavily again. Temps are at 23.
  10. LVWeather23

    Snow/Sleet/ZR/Kitchen Sink 2/10-2/12 Event

    Snowing at a good clip in Nazareth, PA! Take what we can get before the changeover happens!
  11. Out of curiosity, are there any statistics as to the individual ensemble members and which ones tend to perform better? Similar to the scores for the major models?
  12. LVWeather23

    Snow/Sleet/ZR/Kitchen Sink 2/10-2/12 Event

    I talked to NWS MT Holly and they indicated they are waiting for further model guidance to become confident on warning criteria vs. advisory. Thought it was strange myself but they are probably waiting to see if the 00Z suite comes in as cold or not.
  13. What do we think of the Ukie with snowfall so far south in the DC area? It seems a bit more aggressive with the cold and moisture.
  14. Snow! Now that's something I can get behind!