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  1. I’m in the Lehigh Valley and hoping we can get this just cold enough for some snow here.
  2. What are we looking for over the next several days to determine how far north the primary goes before redeveloping off the coast? If we can have that happen a few hundred miles south, this can get really interesting!
  3. Maybe this time the pattern trends bad and comes back into favor for us all. Here’s hoping!!
  4. What do we attribute as the reason the models are showing favorable patterns setting up only to reverse in a few runs? Seems they have been going from favorable to unfavorable but not so much the other way.
  5. Almost 2” on ground in Nazareth, PA and snowing good!
  6. At this point though, very minor shifts are going to make a huge difference. There is still a lot of wobble left in this which is all it will take as rain/snow lines will be pretty steep I think.
  7. @33andrain Thoughts on any more movement NW with this or do we think this is about as far as it gets? Trying to figure out if the Lehigh Valley looks fairly safe to remain mostly snow?
  8. Nobody posting the winter powerhouse model -- the ICON. This shows a swing and a miss largely for the storm. Trending the wrong direction with this one. But maybe that's a good thing!
  9. Agree with you guys on that - just posting what they have as an Outlook thus far.
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