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  1. Fairly new here. Can you tell me what the 50/50 refers to?
  2. Almost 2” on ground in Nazareth, PA and snowing good!
  3. At this point though, very minor shifts are going to make a huge difference. There is still a lot of wobble left in this which is all it will take as rain/snow lines will be pretty steep I think.
  4. @33andrain Thoughts on any more movement NW with this or do we think this is about as far as it gets? Trying to figure out if the Lehigh Valley looks fairly safe to remain mostly snow?
  5. Nobody posting the winter powerhouse model -- the ICON. This shows a swing and a miss largely for the storm. Trending the wrong direction with this one. But maybe that's a good thing!
  6. Agree with you guys on that - just posting what they have as an Outlook thus far.
  7. We can all watch the models and wonder what this storm will do, however, I have a birthday party planned for Sunday afternoon for my wife and daughter with a lot of people traveling to it. I need no models to tell me we will get snow in the Lehigh Valley. We've missed many storms all Winter....but the one weekend that was planned for months....it will snow lol! Still love it though!
  8. I think a lot of that is non-snow and more liquid as depicted here especially with temps (although they are improving)!
  9. While still fairly far out there for the NAM, you notice temps have been dropping with just about each run. Will see if this continues as it comes more into range.
  10. Is there any aggregation of lows further SE which indicate it still may have room to shift that way?
  11. I think we are in a pretty good spot given the outline of model support you laid out before and that this run, which is better than previous Euro runs, is on the western end still. If ensembles are right at all, there is movement SE left to go at this point. Let's see if we can get the Euro ensembles to show the same thing.
  12. I think for us in the Lehigh Valley this will be close. I'm just north of I78 in Northampton County and hoping for this to tick just a bit further south over the next 24-48 hours to get a mostly snow event. Hopefully that pushes southward enough for you, as well as others on the forum. Could see a tick south again next run. We keep tracking!
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