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  1. It was posted to compare to the other snow maps from other models posted all over this thread. Thought others would want to see.
  2. Ok, I've seen them posted for 50 pages. My bad. Less qpf too
  3. I commended wxoutlooksblog in the banter thread and it was deleted. A positive forecast from a blue name vs a negative one from a blue name are forecasts nonetheless. Again, nice job this year so far to date @Wxoutlooksblog.
  4. It's been a good discussion, always has been, but it also has been ongoing for what, 70 days now with 2" to show from Boston to Lancaster?
  5. We will keep posting it's coming, but instead for 2+ months, for years!
  6. Different pattern, still no results. I think that solves Snowman11's question.
  7. Isnt that showing the lakes low and the coastal and not a spread of one storm but two separate?
  8. Wow, really dropping fast there. It's been a slower decline here so far.
  9. At 16.3. Need to get below 8 to beat my low of the season to date which happened in November.
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