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  1. what are people thinking about the precip coming on the 10th?
  2. 5/8" on my grille on my back deck. super wet/sticky snow. great for pelting people with snowballs.
  3. You know, looking back at my notes, last year around this time we had a whopper of a storm as well. That one was a mess for plowing.
  4. 5 minutes ago I could see the sun barely through the clouds. Now, I can't.
  5. my faith in the NCEP Model Time-Series is now shattered; it's been "right" all year until just now; they were only calling for about .5" of snow. glad I followed gut at the last minute and prepped last night.
  6. I'd say 4" on the ground so far, and it's still falling.
  7. I'm so confused. Are we getting something? or not?
  8. I will note that exact same situation here. They did early dismissal, which meant 1pm for us. the roads were mess with multiple spin outs and wrecks on the 3 mile drive from home to the kid's school for pickup. As we were leaving the plows were coming through and laying down salt, and the roads were clearing up. By 3 (normal dismissal time) all the roads were in MUCH better travel shape than at 1.
  9. looks like we're back to small flakes here.
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