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  1. Pessimist. Gimme another 3" storm, it'll put me over $5000 for the season.
  2. sorry... I meant including season to date. my bad for being unclear.
  3. anyone got a snow total for the scotch plains area? (should be close enough for me)
  4. rt 78 east near exit 43, probably should avoid. based on the traffic outside, they're diverting off the highway.
  5. correction on my last: it has stopped snowing, but started RAINING.
  6. also roads are whiting out. county doing their usual quality job. (kidding. really wish they did nothing until they plowed.)
  7. we have a solid 1.75" on the deck. it's wet and sticky. not really heavy though. push shovels nicely.
  8. radar I'm looking at shows a "wall" almost dead east-west, moving northward.
  9. struggling to accumulate on various surfaces, but I got 1/2" measured on the deck table. roads are definitely wet. some are *maybe* starting to show accumulation, depending on traffic.
  10. BEFORE you can *just* see flakes if you look hard. NOW
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