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  1. I think Dorian is taking care of the cleanup too; 5' of water at the airport sounds like enough to wash the island clean of damn near everything that's movable.
  2. Light green or dark green? That light green outlier worries me, as all the traces are like a bunch of sports ball fans saddled up to the bar roaring about who's going to win the Big Game, when the quiet dude with the glasses, shirt, and tie when asked replies it'll be some wildly outlier team that year. You want to rail on him but you know he's got a mountain of statistics sitting behind him supporting his pick, and you're quietly afraid he's right.
  3. I think nuking the damn thing would be more effective. Also less pollution.
  4. God I wish public schools would do a semester course on how to properly film stuff. I get more seasick watching videos like that than I would watching the video from the storm plane.
  5. If that were case, I'd raise 10,000 kinds of hell with everyone I could find. This kind of thing isn't something where you play your cards against your chest. It's not like Dorian is a national secret or anything. If you have data to back up your assertions, then share it.
  6. NASA gonna drop enough sondes so that a man could walk from Greenland to Iceland to Scotland, and not get his feet wet.
  7. I'm only understanding 1/10th of what you all say, but I gather... He big. He nasty. not evac'ing from FL areas or treating this as a direct hit until evidence is otherwise is stupid. everyone up to and past NC is in a danger zone until he's totally gone. the pictures are as beautiful and mesmerizing as they are deadly. no one really knows exactly what he's going to do, until he does it.
  8. what are people thinking about the precip coming on the 10th?
  9. 5/8" on my grille on my back deck. super wet/sticky snow. great for pelting people with snowballs.
  10. You know, looking back at my notes, last year around this time we had a whopper of a storm as well. That one was a mess for plowing.
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