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  1. just went to and from the bridgewater area... you'd think with all the salt trucks sitting idle by the roadside, they'd be able to keep the roads a bit clearer.
  2. Anyone near North Branch Park in Bridgewater? If so, how's it going out there?
  3. has now transitioned to pretty solid sleet/ice.
  4. It's barely falling by me now, and by "it" I mean something that looks and feels like it could be rain and sleet/ice.
  5. and literally just changed to something that's making noise as it hits the side of my house.
  6. It's like a fine powder in the air right now.
  7. it's not a storm until I see my boy in his powder blue 370Z get stuck in front of my house. (seriously, 8 years in a row this same dude in this same car gets stuck in front of my house. you'd think by now he'd learn summer performance tires don't work well in snow.) really bizarre mix of precip out there right now.
  8. we're back to slow fall flakes now.
  9. what's falling here is more like ice crystals than snowflakes, but not quite what I'd call sleet.
  10. Finally rolled out of bed. If I stare hard out the window, I can see a very tiny flake or two falling by every couple of seconds. They're so small and light though, they're dancing around on the breeze.
  11. I remember the last one... I got some GREAT pictures...
  12. I don't like that. I'm down the other half of the parental group, which makes being able to go plowing, interesting.
  13. (as of this post) nothing on the south side of 78
  14. 7am(ish) in berkeley heights; we got dusted. no visible precip currently.
  15. How did you make it do that?