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  1. holy crap! not 2 minutes after the bus picked the kid up (around 7:48am) it started dumping FAT flakes! bet the school admins are drinking mallox right from the bottle.
  2. grass is still poking through. roads are wet, driveway is clear. walkway from my door is clear. cake frosting.
  3. ah well... bed for me. looking forward to a blowed up thread in the morning.
  4. I'm literally a couple hundred feet (north) from scotch plains and we don't have snow/sleet yet.
  5. looks to me like a weak sauce event, but enough to make the school weenies have the vapors, and go for a delayed opening I bet. I give it 30% they close entirely.
  6. I love how i'm *right* on the border for NWS's OKX and PHI predictions; couple that with the rt 78 ridge line and I'm never sure which side of my toast will get buttered or burned.
  7. I prefer many 3"-5" storms over fewer skull crushers... for selfish reasons.
  8. Well, gents and ladies, I must sleep. I look forward to seeing another 300 posts in the morning, that I won't read.
  9. back from a 4 1/4hr plow run. if those radars old hold true, I might be back at it tomorrow after the kid goes to school for his delayed opening. although that would also make it possible he has no school again.
  10. Still snowing. Not really doing anything that's going to accumulate though. Plus it's too warm my opinion. I'm showing 34° where I am.
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