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  1. So what's the latest info for when the festivities will start?
  2. From the ice storm a month or so ago... And one from a visit to the Pittsburgh zoo... Had 'em all printed up on some canvas... 40"x60" each
  3. I need a snow storm prediction for the 28th, please. So I can be the "bad guy" to get my wife out of doing something she really doesn't want to do with her family on the 28th. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!
  4. lotsa evil noises outside. wonder what the chances are I'll be woken by screaming UPSes and texts from the computers that the power is out.
  5. I now have what I'll call "heavy snow"* falling, but not in any significant quantity. * heavier than snow, lighter than sleet, bounces a little but doesn't make tinkle noises when it hits metal (grille)
  6. speaking of beautiful, I got off my arse and went for a walk in the woods for an hour today, with the big camera. I need new gloves, and i'm looking forward to the shots when the come back from the lab.
  7. looks like some monster flakes on my deck, but nothing serious yet. That cloud to the north though, looks evil.
  8. bah, you know you're all dreamers, and are kids staring at the christmas presents under the tree.
  9. pretty coating of thin ice on the plants, but now it's raining decently.
  10. had some snow around 1. had some noisy sleet around 7. now I got nothin' going on, so I guess it's time to do garbage and deal with the kitty litter. (that's not a metaphor, btw.)
  11. I might be the only one looking forward to an ice storm... give me a chance to really test out these studded snow tires!
  12. holy crap! not 2 minutes after the bus picked the kid up (around 7:48am) it started dumping FAT flakes! bet the school admins are drinking mallox right from the bottle.
  13. grass is still poking through. roads are wet, driveway is clear. walkway from my door is clear. cake frosting.
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