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  1. If I got one inch+ in an hour here in Sullivan then I can't imagine what it might look like in the Metros
  2. Starting to slowly wind down in my location attm. Probably got at least 1" in the last hour+ but never more than a rumble of Thunder overhead.
  3. I see that 90 near Philly...they're about to get hammered, aren't they?
  4. Thank goodness. This period has been really interesting to watch unfold but mentally exhausting. Think this pattern rivals 2003?
  5. This rain is really relentless. I'm afraid what might happen S&E of here.
  6. Sitting under the weakened sullivan county storm. Far as I can tell nothing substantial is happening (or happened) but it's for sure pouring.
  7. Darn haha. It's sunny here in narrowsburg but in no way does the air feel unstable.* *Sun through clouds, with clouds going in and out again. I'm betting the house, though, on EPA/WNJ, though.
  8. Wonder if I could get some nice hail today. Certainly haven't seen hail in a hot minute.
  9. SPC D1 did in fact cut enhanced away from NYC...though like my area in Sullivan County, is still a slight risk with hail being the reason why.
  10. So is this partial clearing attempt here in sullivan county not related to the WF?
  11. So more conditional the further north one goes?
  12. So up here in Sullivan our threat should be lessened even more, then?
  13. Was just about to come and say. If that does not weaken in a hurry Kansas City is in big trouble.
  14. Just took a look at Wikipedia...this entire sequence has produced over 200 tornadoes. Today's action is sure to add to that.
  15. Looking the same here in Sullivan County, granted no instability here.
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