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  1. Reasonably speaking we can (probably) cut the gusts and rain on that one Euro run by a solid 20-30% (up to 50% for inland folks lIke me) and get something close to reality. I'd be damned if there's 80-90+ gusts on long Island , but a more realistic number could be around 50-60 or so. truth of the matter is, those extreme runs rarely translate into reality.
  2. I can feel some similar vibes to the Nor'Easter that resulted from Philippe. I'd look there first, then adjust accordingly.
  3. I'll take a nice inch or two of rain after getting robbed twice over the last week or so.
  4. Surely. This would be one epic snowstorm if that QPF output actually fell as snow and not just rain.
  5. I take that back--a brief shower appears to be happening right now. Light, but present.
  6. As of 1:35 56/cloudy. Honestly growing more certain that with each passing hour we won't get any rain here.
  7. It's going fairly well, I'd say, from a quick glance out a nearby window into my front lawn.
  8. And meanwhile we also still need rain after getting robbed during the Sunday-Monday event but...we are looking high and dry throughout this event as well.
  9. Pretty straightforward and hefty statement from Boston NWS: Plan accordingly. Especially coastline communities, there could be a number of days without power given anticipated winds in addition to coastal flooding. Those with coastal interest should address any and all vulnerabilities, protecting life and property in the process.
  10. Currently sitting in cloudiness here in Sullivan. Good thing that clouds and perhaps a shower or two are all we'll see here the next few days. Cape Cod and the rest of SEMA are in for one heck of a ride.
  11. It's crazy to think, pulling back the overall weather picture this week, that we've got the "easy" route with this developing coastal low, when considering the blizzard in the plains and potential fires in California (1/2 of the total population of California face power cuts because of that!)* *oops, I meant half the counties
  12. My own opinion (for our coasts, New England might be a different story): definitely a period of 30-40 (some 50?) gusts, rough surf, rain 1-2" (up to 4"?)
  13. Meanwhile I'll stick to an overall wholesale idea that inland areas west of NYC get spared to nothing more than passing showers, at least now that I've taken a solid look into this
  14. Ukie tries for 7-10" rain in Beantown on this one. If given 30-40+ gusts...Thursday Night Football will be a whale of a time
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