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  1. I say this was a good start to our severe season. Didn't get to see any more action than some heavy rain and gusty wind. The lightning, oddly enough, didn't come until after the main line passed.
  2. Storm Mode remains the lone fly in this ointment. We're not gonna know how convection will evolve until within hours before go-time tomorrow.
  3. This parameter space...right over the same area as the 4/2/17 High Risk, incidentally. Do not be surprised if we find a day 2 moderate with room to go day 1 high risk if this holds serve.
  4. Overnight models seemed to have held serve with this. Might be time to put the red crayons on the table and start looking for the magenta ones if this holds serve for the next 24-36 hours...
  5. This is eye-popping. Granted, NAM, but this becoming an ominous situation.
  6. This weekend and the 17th have nasty looks to them..the 17th more so. Verbatim the 17th says "sucks to be you" from Kansas through Ohio Valley.
  7. Hopefully the boys rebound tonight after one of the roughest outings from a pitcher I've ever seen.
  8. First thunderstorm of the season happening right now. Some nice thunder and a brief burst of moderate rain but nothing too bad. Many more to come, I hope.
  9. The sun has popped in and out of the clouds all day and has gotten a bit gusty in the last hour. Beautiful day nonetheless
  10. Models certainly didn't back off of that Midwest blizzard. More widespread 30" totals and NAM even printing nearly five feet of the white stuff. Meanwhile, I think IMBY if I'm gonna break 70 we'll need more cloud breaks than this and I don't think that will happen til afternoon.
  11. Well, I can admit to cynicism yes- that's just what a rough winter full of missed opportunities does to someone. This winter has taught me a lot as well. I think for right now the best thing I can do is just let this play out. If there's still something there by Thursday, then I'll be right there in following the ultimate evolution. I'll enjoy this week and the warmer weather, while I'm at it.
  12. I wouldn't subscribe to ANY D8+ threat, especially after this winter and how every threat collapsed or became something lesser once in range. Add on how the Euro is following the clown Fv3, which hasn't shown signs of actually fixing its issues, and you're setting yourself up for disappointment instead of an off-season snow maker. Side note: that Midwest snowstorm is looking downright nasty.
  13. Now a mix of everything, snow, sleet, and rain. 34 and only gonna hit today's high of 38 at sunset
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