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  1. Ugly look at H90. not sure where in Massachusetts but somewhere close to Boston I believe
  2. So basically that run took the ice accumulations across NJ/NY/PA/CT and took it all to Massachusetts. Wow
  3. Something to also note is that winds don't look to have much presence with this system which, if we see a widespread .25-.5" of ice, should mitigate damage/outages to a degree. But a major headache regardless.
  4. Definitely going to cause a few problems, but I think we'll get closer to reality if we cut these back a bit more
  5. Yeah, I'd cut these down in half at least unless more consistency begins to show. Plus, you need lighter precip over longer periods to get the best accrual rate; heavier rates don't do that job as effectively, especially considering the storm will be in and out by Tuesday night therefore a small window to truly build up ice.
  6. What do you think about Monday night-Tuesday? I'd assume snow-to-ice-to-rain for most
  7. Also, my assertion for Tuesday as of now: A decent ice and snow event seems probable. Don't think things will get too outrageous but still enough to cause problems on the roads. After that...oh, man, am I ready to track whatever comes. I say problems on the roads because earlier GFS is basically hell on earth for motorists these next 10+ days
  8. Waking up to what appears to have been only enough of a dusting to re-cover the grassy surfaces poking back through after the melting. Congrats to those who are cashing in
  9. We've basically lost all the pack here in Narrowsburg but 1-2" of that will likely be back tonight.
  10. Still remaining constant in my assessment for Sullivan County--no more than an inch or two at most.
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