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  1. Not sure where that would have originated, as I do not think the Sussex County DOH sends out texts like that. However, we are seeing a massive increase - some not showing in the testing numbers yet - but specifically centered on Sparta and Vernon. In Sparta, a local elected had a party with almost 200 people. There were allegedly FIFTY sick people - including high school kids - that then passed it on to teammates and their families. It's a disaster. Vernon is rumored to have rapid increase in the schools among staff and kids. I can tell you there is no social dista
  2. Yesterday, I spent the day clearing dead trees and brush that we had left over from Isiais damage. The house is finally patched up and most of the trees have been quartered. It's so difficult to slice the massive trunks without binding. I started with a 16" saw and the trees laughed at me. Ended up using a 48" saw. Good times. Anyway, it was DISGUSTING outside yesterday. The humidity was gross. I've literally never been that uncomfortable while working in the yard. You could have sprayed me with the hose and I wouldn't have felt any better. Today there is strange
  3. Great question! - I’ll leave it to the more experienced folks - and @Webberweather drops in here from time to time...
  4. Interesting, but oversimplified correlations aren’t going to yield any new outcomes. You really want to focus on the research involving multiple independent variables, especially regarding weather forecasting. A factorial design would be the best way to look at all possible outcomes. Absent that level of research, it’s just another correlation (not inherently a bad thing here, just not shedding any new light on anything).
  5. Now that @33andrain has cleaned up the forum presentation (quite nicely, I think), we should move this to the OT section. Will leave this post here for a bit so all interested folks are aware. On the COVID front, I’m following along with the numbers. Glad to see the metro area holding steady. Proves that we can function and keep the level tolerable. I just have one ask here. just one. I know you all thought I jumped the shark when I shared my Covid-like illness before most people heard of Wuhan. I know some of you thought I was nuts when I sugg
  6. This feature will return when weather looks interesting again. Beginning tomorrow, highs around 65-70, lows around 45-50 across the area for the next several days.
  7. It was short-lived and the buy-in is/was concentrated to only the most populated areas. Probably just dodged calamity by the skin of our teeth. So many people are seeking certainty, and the fact is it’s going to be a Bob and weave game until a vaccine or solid treatment. The curve is only flattened because we keep putting out fires where they pop up. Not sure how long an impatient population will tolerate that.
  8. personally looking forward to the third arm. Probably be twice as efficient at work.
  9. Glad to hear it!!! Also you just totally justified this little corner of the forum, so here come the next five days. lol
  10. https://patch.com/new-jersey/belleville/belleville-mayor-has-coronavirus-antibodies-heres-what-it-means?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&utm_term=politics+%26+government&utm_campaign=autopost&utm_content=belleville-nutley&fbclid=IwAR1eOKmbQHhk0XxjGZ5at4DvWALDE-pTHWlAOKTG7KV7qZqIanE85wz7bfU And in NJ we had this, which would explain my symptoms beginning 11/28, along with the other NJ politicians and town employees affected in the early wave. although I have family that works with people that visited China and came back sick in November,
  11. Briefly touched 39. Chickens aren’t happy. lol
  12. Well Nick, before we roll out the next five days based on forum thoughts, how did it go? Was she surprised??
  13. I got a pneumonia shot and a flu shot today. If there was a Covid shot I would have tried that too. to each their own. I don’t think my lungs could handle another Covid-like illness or any serious respiratory disease at this point. I am back to being able to run about a mile before having to pause and walk. Pre-December last year I was training for a marathon.
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