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  1. It’s a blame and deflection game to cover for the 64 days that our federal government knew how bad this could be and didn’t take one step to address it in the states.
  2. it’s sort of like the titanic at this point. Try to be the last one off the boat and you’ll be in the freezing water for the least amount of time.
  3. Absolutely a civilization-altering event. There will only be “the time before the virus,” and “the time after the virus.” Definite similarities to WW2, 9/11, and similar events. Apologies to those that spoke of this being of that magnitude and were shot down, including by me.
  4. Absolutely . Overall trends based on smart people here like @ru848789 and @wxmd529 show this was much more contagious than thought...which I think would mean a much lower fatality rate when all is said and done.
  5. Agree @donsutherland1. I think a lot of this also goes back to normalcy bias and personal experience. In addition, @USCG RS touched on this in the political division in a great post two nights ago. Quick anecdote - we run a real estate appraisal business. Real estate appraisers are considered “essential” under banking guidelines. I disagree with that, but it’s a gray area so each governor interprets it in their own way. When you need an appraisal for a refi, which many people are doing now in order to have money in their pocket, your bank orders an appraisal. That goes to an appraisal management company, which is a middleman that serves no purpose other than making money. Then it comes to us, the appraiser. The middleman is increasingly based Overseas or in a faraway state. Spoke with one in Montana yesterday that couldn’t comprehend why we couldn’t complete a physical appraisal inspection for a home in Teaneck. The homeowner’s husband had just died from covid19 last week and she was in quarantine. Obviously we are not going into her house right now. The middleman insists that we complete a physical interior inspection. This particular appraisal management company controls NJ workflow for Wells Fargo, Nationstar, United Wholesale, PNC, TD, and many other lenders, including local credit unions. I refused to comply with their request, so I have just been cut off from work for all of those lenders because we are not going into a quarantined home. Now because some part time phone jockey in a faraway state thinks I’m being an alarmist, because they don’t know anyone affected by COVID19, they reply with “this is ridiculous, just get it done” type messages. Other Appraisal Management Companies have refused fee increases even though research is taking twice as long and PPE is expensive. Yet they are charging the lender/borrower more. I do not think any local loan officer would agree with their decision. But technically we are not allowed to communicate directly with LO’s. I essentially work on the bottom rung of a criminal enterprise, exacerbated by people not taking this seriously because it hasn’t affected them yet. Excuse the rant and the grumpiness, Agree.
  6. man the replies to that tweet are brutal. so disappointing to see so many people refer to Fauci that way.
  7. The southern states aren’t fairing much better than we are, but I would imagine every degree helps.
  8. I’m still amazed with how quickly people have adapted to change. I’ve heard rumors of plexiglass sneeze guards being installed at cashier stations in supermarkets and other stores. Supposedly everyone shopping is now wearing masks and gloves. It was five weeks ago that I last went into a store. The cashier was having trouble separating the bags so she licked her finger and then separated the bags. Then she proceeded to put vegetables in the pre-licked bags. Can you imagine that today? I mean, it was gross then. But now it’s probably criminal. It is April 8th. @wxmd529 has shared some really great news above. I’m hoping that by July 4th some northeast beaches will be open. No doubt we will see capacity restrictions changed for the state parks in NY and NJ. We’re almost through the worst of it @WxInTheBronx. Keeping good thoughts for all those personally affected (that’s all of us if you actually think of this as a community). Trump’s aspirational goal of Easter reopening was premature, but the “Easter turning” will be real. By Sunday things likely start looking up. Wuhan is coming off of lockdown after close to four months of being under siege.
  9. Terrible day. Glad you are well enough to deliver the news. We’re going to start to see this split between flattening and decrease of new cases and the higher death toll due to the duration of the illness. Mixed emotions. Encouraged to see the lower side of the numbers verifying.
  10. glad to hear. great age, enjoy every second. It flies. twins will be nine in a few weeks and it feels like they just came home from the hospital. take advantage of the cold stretch to get some cool season plants in the ground! Radishes and lettuces are fun, harvest in 10-24 days.
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