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  1. They really are doing a disservice to all of us by highlighting the most fantastical parts of the story. “all vaccines in the US prevent severe disease after 6 weeks 100% of the time” is just not sexy enough.
  2. I am an optimist. . Just my opinion that we will see a sudden drop shortly.
  3. Roughly 1 million doses to go to reach the 50% of adults mark for dose 1 in NYC. ”Normal” 20-ish days away now?
  4. This is awesome. He needs to keep doing this. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-to-rally-gop-at-mar-a-lago-and-preview-pathway-for-republican-victories
  5. I just want to make one point. I am and always will be involved in politics. I don’t know any more than anyone else and I’m wrong more than I’m right. Still, I am involved and I offer my opinion when asked by PAC types and local candidates. IMO there is one group of voters to be targeted in the next four election years. Every Democratic and left-leaning organization should be identifying registered Republicans that voted in 2016 but not in 2020. The premise here is that Trump never expanded his base; Trump now owns the Republican Party; there aren
  6. I believe it would take roughly an 8 point “national” lead Yes, going to take an 8-ish point lead nationally to break even again. On the ground, the voter engagement we saw in November through the runoffs hasn’t waned...its stronger IMO. The 100% of the 30% of Q folks that believe all of the conspiracies will vote. But we’re seeing increases in the non voter and the democratic identity since 1/6 that just keeps strengthening. way too early to read the tea leaves, but it might not be as bad as it looked 5 months ago.
  7. its going to be insane when we have a Q president and a Q house in 2024
  8. Who’s up, who’s down, why, and forecasts....
  9. Just a roundup. Some good calls and some not perfect calls in this thread. These comments were all before the insurrection. I believe Georgia Republicans have ensured democratic victories in statewide GA races for a generation. The new voter law is inspiring even more people to register to vote. Not Republicans, not Independents, but democrats. Long way to 2022, but I’m beginning to think the dems do not get massacred in the midterms.
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