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  1. Potential high-impact event regardless of snowfall totals. Great thread! #WeTrack
  2. Ended up with about 2.5 in NWNJ. Freshened up the pack. Even if I don’t see another flake, given the 13” December starter storm, this is a December to remember.
  3. Thanks Steve. Always glad to have your insight on these events. I know how much you studied them in school.
  4. would be something if December ends up being the highest % snowfall relative to normal of all the winter months in many east coast locales.
  5. @donsutherland1 your words here could not be more true. I feel like this needs to be the subheading for this particular thread.
  6. I’ve gone back and forth on this one. I really like the Australian health care model. Everyone receives basic care, but anyone can purchase additional insurance if they would like. Here’s a summary I found online: Medicare is the government’s scheme to give the public access to health care (paid through your taxes), and it covers: Treatment as a public patient in a public hospital 75% of the fee on a government list (MBS) for doctors’ services in hospital if you’re a private patient All (what’s known as ‘bulk billing’) or some of the cost of going to a GP or specialist Some (but not all) tests and examinations your doctor orders for you Reduced cost on some prescription medications, if they are on a government list called the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). There is a list of services subsidised by the government. Each has a fee that the government says is appropriate to charge for that service. This list is called the Medicare Benefits Schedule (or MBS). You can see the list here.
  7. I know the fun is in the chase, but I do hope we can take a step back and review the indices and pattern drivers that allowed the historic Dec 1-2 East coast storm to occur. It would help shed more light on some of these variables and hopefully move beyond the realm of a bunch of correlations that we do not fully understand yet.
  8. I wasn’t complaining - just saying we don’t need it. Recovery has not even started yet. 20,000 ppl without power in my town and most roads closed and impassable.
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