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  1. awesome thread, guys!!!! if you are a severe weather expert, or a really enthusiastic severe weather fan, please Pm me for a special tag!
  2. GFS and NAM both picking up on elevation-dependent frozen event Sunday.
  3. With absolutely zero meteorological reasoning, I’ve gone M/A/M BN TEMP AN PRECIP. Cool and wet. Nobody agrees with me.
  4. I wish we knew someone good with numbers and such.
  5. Can it even snow without having wonton soup on hand?
  6. I had no idea how destructive salt was to the trucks and equipment spreading them until I sat in our township budget meeting. The DPW guys gave an education.
  7. Wow what a read!!! And thanks for the shout-out!
  8. Can’t miss this https://www.33andrain.com/forum/53-subscribers-33-and-whatever/
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