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  1. Probably a great - but short - woodstove burn here in the hills Sunday a.m.
  2. These things are always fun to watch move through
  3. Flurries for many here in this period if the gfs has a clue
  4. I get your point - I’m just saying it is possible that it began elsewhere and exploded in China. Regardless, the lack of transparency around bio labs should concern everyone. Also I’m still fascinated that a very similar sars virus broke through decades ago that I had never read about before.
  5. This is a really good read, thanks for sharing! I have been wondering if this began outside of Wuhan and just exploded there. I don’t expect to learn anything new from China, so we have to look elsewhere. The testing in Europe shows Covid19 along the same timeline as “case zero” in Wuhan. We have not looked at blood samples here in the US from late 2019 in any organized way, but we should. I still don’t think we will know the reality for many years, if ever. Would be fascinating if animals carried this around the globe faster than we did, and it brok
  6. I am not discounting anything…. just not preparing to lock up winter 21-22 before October ends.
  7. nice. curious to see when moderna will be recommended.
  8. Look folks! Nice autumn blast incoming around 10/22. This date has been pretty sticky on the gfs.
  9. This is quite possibly the funniest post I’ve read since March.
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