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  1. The keystone pipeline was about twenty years too late to have a significant impact on energy Independence. Its like me cancelling your MySpace account. Bush, Clinton, Obama, and Trump brought us to energy independence without it. Renewables are taking over now. just my opinion. Also, being a nj politico myself, toughen up and spit it out. Dear lord it’s a politics thread in a weather forum. You didn’t learn that from any of those people? lol
  2. Sorry guys, he was taken care of. thank you for reporting it. you guys don’t even need mods anymore. appreciate it
  3. Good time to check the weather... ...feels like it’s headed toward -45 tomorrow.
  4. I see we’ve stumbled into divergent yet concomitant forum conversation today. Bravo all.
  5. yeah, this. it’s why the only real “lockdown” that would have worked would have been a national effort about two weeks earlier than ny/nj moved in March. After that period, we lost buy-in from about half the country. I think most of us agreed by June that any further lockdown would be ignored so it was stupid to try.
  6. If it was a true shortwave that came out of the south, maybe we’d be tracking a Miller A. But I'd be hard pressed to see cyclogenesis from that little piece take over like that. I'd expect a cut to fizzle. just 2 cents.
  7. Really great summary of why Trump was afraid of Biden and how it hurt him: https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/16/politics/joe-biden-donald-trump-analysis/index.html
  8. Imagine having command of the most powerful country in the world, and 4,000 active nukes, and whining all day every day about how unfair life is. Man. We may never recover from this boomer tantrum.
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