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  1. the question directed at me was if I believe “herd immunity” exists in the mid and high rise buildings that I described above in NENJ and NYC. I think it’s possible, based on the transmission rates we saw just prior to the tri-state shutdown.
  2. Parents just drove through a very flooded Fair Lawn.
  3. About to get smashed as a cell develops overhead in Toms River
  4. I have no way of knowing how many exactly were infected - but I would guess in a sense , possibly? Similar environment to long term care facilities - those hit hardest are somewhat protected now, barring a huge influx of new, unexposed patients.
  5. They didn’t want to tell anyone that you need to wear a mask AND safety goggles if you live in a high density area. I think most people would shun the advice anyway. Second - knowing and working in multi-unit dwellings in Bergen, Hudson, Passaic, and Union counties in NJ - it has already washed through the populations of anyone living in these mid and high rises. We knew that in March. Would be surprised if the same can’t be said in NYC. From a workplace perspective, it’s imperative that public-facing employees are protected, so they should have been made aware of this already.
  6. I should have added ... thanks for sharing here. I belong to many different groups and forums, and it’s so disheartening to share every last detail with people hoping to help them in some way, and then be met with skepticism about your own illness. It gets tiring really fast - and that energy is better used recovering. Search for the “survivors” fb group and check out others. There are many scientists that would love to speak with you.
  7. absolutely trash. glad to hear improvement. That’s all that matters.
  8. After much debate, and discussing the accuracy, Seven tests. Four negative, three positive. as my doctor said before testing, the tests are garbage. It was a pointless exercise.
  9. Last thing I’ll add in this thread for awhile - I might never know if what I had in Dec/Jan/Feb/March was COVID-19. But I’ll tell you I would rather be dead than go through that again. Not kidding.
  10. Just my opinion here - the problem is that the fundamentals haven’t changed. there is not a single treatment protocol that works for the majority. the population density of ny/nj is still number 1 & 2 and will not be changing soon. the reservoir of infected matchsticks from other states ready to drop on the powder keg of densely populated areas is expanding rapidly. many still refuse to wear masks. keep praying that this thing weakens.
  11. hope all is well Nick. I would caution against Using this forum as an accurate educational platform regarding COVID-19. Leadership has made the decision to remove any politically-tinged posts, which unfortunately means some great content gets removed as well. This was done for the health of our weather community, but it means we lose a lot of great info, because life is politics. I would keep an eye on the medical journals rather than people’s feelings about things. Just wanted to add that disclaimer.
  12. Yeah that’s what I’ve been reading - it’s not any more intense. I guess that’s better than the alternative
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