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  1. Miss most of the action today locally. Now it seems like everything is weakening as it approaches my area.
  2. Missing everything so far to my west. Hearing about lots of flash flooding around nyc
  3. KPHL said take tomorrow’s highs and go up 5! Quiet weather Thursday as spring warmth surges into the area with high pressure building southward along the East Coast. Increasing subsidence as a jet exit region moves overhead will add to the increasing WAA on the return flow side of the high to yield what will likely be the warmest temperatures we have seen yet this year. Models usually struggle with these patterns and we saw evidence of this already yesterday with highs being up to 5 degrees higher than the overall model consensus.
  4. Only a 10 degree bust from the Nam. If this was winter people would be trashing it
  5. Nam had me in the 40’s today and i max out in the mid 50’s
  6. Our temps will be in the 60’s on Friday. The temp drop and cold front don’t come through until Friday night. We will have a cheap early morning high on Saturday
  7. Thursday will be in the mid 70s for the airports. The cold front comes Saturday morning
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