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  1. The Atlantic side wanes a bit at the end but the Pac improves on the eps. Keep in mind in December 2010 it took us to Boxing Day to cash in that month. I’m not saying December 2010 is coming but more that it may take time to cash in.
  2. Eps definitely warmer for Monday. Wagons north with snow. Definitely a ice threat still for interior areas
  3. I was just thinking about a post from you back in the day exactly like this. This is a setup that would be not if but when we snow.
  4. The ridge is too Far East and the trough is centered over Detroit. This crushes everything that try’s to come out of the west. It’s a op run and it’s probably still adjusting. Plenty of time
  5. Wow. Just move the trough a bit further west and that’s a unbelievable pattern
  6. Euro definitely caving to the gfs with the cold next week. Ridge out west and below normal in the east
  7. The setup for the following system looks real nice. We won’t have to worry about that cutting
  8. The western energy is stronger then last night so it leads to a further west solution. Not in love with the trends here for the coast.
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