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  1. Need something like last year where it went strong in November then never recovered after.
  2. Cutoff giving the models trouble figuring out
  3. I remember thinking this time last year that the winter of 20-21 would be ugly. It ended up being a memorable winter in lots of ways. Now if I’m being honest, I think some of the negatives out weight the positives currently. But just like last year, it’s going to come down to the Pv strength and blocking. I don’t think we will have much help from the pac this winter (what else is new) but it only takes a spike (last December) to score a nice event. I do think we will have colder air in Canada this winter as that was mostly flushed out in January 21.
  4. Models getting wetter for tomorrow evening. 1-3 on the euro run this morning
  5. 13 inches here in Metuchen! Absolutely pure insanity right now
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