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  1. Good bye obj...don’t let the net hit you on the way out
  2. To further the pna point, if we had some type of ridge out west in February nyc would have had 10-20 inches of snow. Instead, the trough out west forced storms under Chicago and we watched the thump fizzle out.
  3. I believe it goes in cycles, we haven’t had a dominant winter of it since 2010-2011. It has become a pointless telleconnection imo.
  4. The keys to any winter in NYC is the pna/epo/enso state. Going forward, no other index should matter. We got all our snow this winter when those two areas improved. The nao continues to be to difficult to forecast and not very prominent in our winters anymore.
  5. Guidance pointing at a possible costal storm around that time
  6. Snow cover here now for over a week. Getting that in January and February has been more difficult.
  7. 60-70 degree temps look possible next Thursday into the weekend
  8. Bird starts the year with the team? Sounds like Luke will be in the minors. Not that I agree with it
  9. C.C. Now hurt abd won’t start the season. Not exactly great news for our pitching staff
  10. I won’t feel this type of cold until next winter. Good bye winter 2018-2019
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