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  1. No need to apologize! You’re correct in reading the skeW-t maps for proper snow growth. I get a bit crazy with the snow maps and I understand their is so much more to it. This spring I’m going to learn to read those maps. Come back better then ever in December.
  2. Nice little storm for us in a crap year.
  3. Yep, this is are mini jackpot storm in the middle of a ratter. I definitely believe this will be it until next winter. Enjoy it before it melts lol.
  4. Nice! Throwing that slush. Didn’t get to plow this storm as salt is eating it up
  5. The most snow I have had since November.
  6. Same here ...last measurement was 1.5 here
  7. A Nice late February clipper to get the excitement going
  8. Steady light snow as I’m on the north side of one of the bands
  9. Enjoy whatever you guys get today. As this could be it until next winter. Will be nice to put this disaster behind us
  10. Yep. We will probably rip again after 3pm. Currently light snow/needles
  11. 1.1 here in Metuchen. Snow started at 11am