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  1. Last post for today(doubtful), before “Randy Saturday” kicks in. My advice, before I sign off. Listen to the theme from Superman by John Williams. It’s truly uplifting and inspiring. I use music quite a bit in my treatment, and this song definitely helps my brain produce the dopamine I’m lacking. enjoy the day
  2. Understand. IMO there had to be a coming together between the private and public sector, on many levels.
  3. @USCG RS what do you think of the actions being proposed by the govt, and the subsequent aid package?
  4. I’m going to print this out, ty. Personally I’m making today, Randy Saturday with no news. Coronavirus can wait until tomorrow. Gives everyone a break from my useless posts. Enjoy the day
  5. I do the same, and I have a trap that actually works. But they’re not shy, that’s what I hate most
  6. Every year I battle carpenter bees, IN MAY and JUNE, not March. Just saw one hovering by the garage.
  7. Wasn’t my intention to insinuate that it shouldn’t have been done, apologies for confusion. My point was to say it could have simply been overlooked, but you’ve sold me on the fact that we missed the signal and are now playing ketchup:). Hopefully the actions being proposed changes this narrative expeditiously. Thx Don
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