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  1. Would suppression send the storms farther south for south mid Atlantic and southeastern snowfall?
  2. Does anyone see any potential snow for NC coming soon? Excited for this pattern although we’ve been teased several times this winter.
  3. Maybe not the most reliable source, but look at the model run. https://twitter.com/eulermatthew4/status/1092581014591995910?s=21
  4. Looking for a storm in the Southeast after February 8.
  5. Hopefully the Southeast gets a storm, we usually have a good 2-3 storms a season, haven’t really seen anything this season yet.
  6. Please ignore my previous post, that was meant for the pattern discussion but like all of my posts have been moved to the banter thread.
  7. If this scenario of blocking were to play out, after this frame would the east coast go back into warmer weather or would we stay in the colder pattern?
  8. I'm not very weather educated, so please awnser this in the lightest of terms, after the warm start to February will it turn cold again on the east coast? I'm really hoping it will, looking for some more chances for snow in Charlotte. Most models say no but most of the members on this forum say yes, why is that?
  9. I'm extremely confused, Will the east coast be colder February or warmer? Right now models point to warmer but is there something you guys see that the models don't? And when do we expect the colder pattern to kick in? I'm on my knees hoping that Charlotte can get another good snow, given the hype this season has gotten it hasn't been great.
  10. Is the Mid-Atlantic going to get in on this pattern or just the Northeast? Seems like it’s a trough in the West and a ridge in the east from models, Hoping the pattern changes for the best so I can get in on some snow here in NC!
  11. So, Just to reconfirm, models are starting to point to a colder February and possibly wetter (for the most part)?
  12. I’ve seen different sides of the story, But what happens after the warm up? Does the East Coast go back to cooler weather or do we stay warm for February?
  13. Hi all! I'm new here. I have one simple question, for the east coast what is the rest of February looking like? Are we going to be stuck in a ridge for the rest of February or is that just for a short period of time then back to the arctic air? Really hoping to see a snowstorm in Charlotte! Thank You all and I can't wait to be apart of this community!
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