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  1. If you are on the right side it has a ton of potential. That's the key, figuring out where that line is going to set up.
  2. While many cancelled winter earlier this month. Most of us got a nice 3-6" storm, more south of course. Bumping up the seasonal totals. Looking forward, it looks as if we have one more BIG shot before we break, which isn't going to be a bad thing. I am excited for a normal spring this year and not the cold through May. But the MARCH 2nd-5th time frame is the one to watch . The PNA is finally going to be on our side and the EPO is looking to be on more roids than Barry Bonds when he hit 73 bombs Lets finish this winter season with a good one though.
  3. Radar hallucinations have begun. I have seen multiple people on other sites post that the radar looks further south than current modeling and now this post haha.
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