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  1. History says NYC sees at least 1” of snow in March and/or April. Not definite but that’s what I’m riding right now.
  2. Haven’t seen grass on my front yard since Jan 30th. Awesome stuff
  3. Just want to see and track one more snow storm. Weeks of snow and constant tracking to nothing sucks lol.
  4. Still plenty of time to get favorable shifts for the 4th-7th time period. Not counting it out yet.
  5. Here’s how it looked right after this past Mondays snow. I’m hoping this can last at least another week. Even better if we get a winter storm in early March lol
  6. Still have a lot of snow on my front yard.
  7. Definitely watch this period. Could be the last grasp of winter.
  8. 37/21 here currently. Maybe some flakes overnight
  9. I give this winter a B- thus far. These last three weeks were amazing but most of January sucked. If we get one more snow event in March, I’ll raise my grade to a B.
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