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  1. Update on my mom from last week. Her fever went away and she’s going to remain at home until the middle of April at the earliest. She still has a bit of a sore throat and cough but not to the severity of what it was earlier last week. I’m calling her every day to make sure she’s doing ok. So far she’s getting better.
  2. Her doctor is out until Monday. She said if her fever gets higher than 100, she most likely will go to the ER. She’s pretty relaxed or at least is doing a good job of pretending to be relax. I’m probably more worried than she is.
  3. Mom told me her head is pounding and she has a slight fever of 99.4. Also said her throat is sore and she gets shortness of breath because of the coughing. She’ll be 60 in April.
  4. My job is considered essential, so I’m still out on the road. I carry wipes, hand sanitizer, and my company bought this instant soap. If I walk into a store, I grab everything but keep in mind to not touch my face. Then when I get back in my truck, I wipe down the door handles, my wallet, card, store bought items, and plastic bag. Then I sanitize my hands
  5. I wipe down everything I buy with disinfectant wipes and then sanitize my hands
  6. https://vitamindwiki.com/COVID-19+Coronavirus+can+most+likely+be+fought+by+Vitamin+D#Why_How_Vitamin_D_both_treats_and_prevents_Coronavirus Not sure how true it is but an uptick in vitamin C/D isn’t a bad thing.
  7. Lowered it to D- and that’s being generous. One of the worse winters, never expected this year to be worse than last year statistically. Can only get better next year from here, for the most part at least.
  8. Today’s storm is the last kick in the nuts of the winter for coastal areas. Thank goodness this winter is just about over. Good riddance
  9. Went up eagle rock ave and up here there is coating on the ground. Nice difference in a short distance
  10. Mix of rain and snow up here in Montclair. I’m working right now, my next account will be in West Orange with an elevation about 500ft. So we’ll see if there’s any difference.
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