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  1. Drove around today and noticed some of the trees are already beginning to turn.
  2. Just said the same thing to my wife. Last earthquake in NJ was right before Sandy in 2012 and now I’m nervous lol. 2020 continues to deliver.
  3. This upcoming winter will most likely be better than last winter. Of course tho, that’s not saying much lol
  4. Moderate rain atm with some lightning and thunder
  5. MJOP8


    Wow, these gusts are insane. Gust just blew thru, easily 50+ imo
  6. MJOP8


    Sting Jet probably making its way thru. Sun is peaking out also
  7. MJOP8


    Seeing some rain and wind again after being mainly quiet for the last hour.
  8. MJOP8


    Winds have been pretty quiet now for the last 20-30 minutes at home in Scotch Plains. Guess that’s it..was powerful at the height an hour or so ago.
  9. MJOP8


  10. MJOP8


    Over 1 million with no power in NJ
  11. MJOP8


    Very eerily quiet right now..just drizzle
  12. MJOP8


    Winds died down a little bit from earlier but tree limbs, branches, etc..are down and power is out in my section of Scotch Plains
  13. MJOP8


    Ripping in Newark for work.
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