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  1. This is probably the greatest blizzard of 96 video coverage ever. I watched it all over a course of a few days (3 hours long lol) and it was fantastic. Covers events before, during, and after, whilst also mentioning the next winter storm that would follow the blizzard a few days later. The news stations aren’t from NYC but are from Philly, so it’s close enough haha
  2. Seems like we need a large scale pattern reshuffle. Things haven’t been good since March 2018. Maybe the strong El Niño in 2016 is to blame.
  3. NYC will most likely finish around 20” on the season before April.
  4. This is honestly one of the most frustrating maps I’ve ever seen in weather.
  5. Eyeballed around 2”. @33andrain does this sound about right?
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