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  1. I agree with you on that. The one weather occurrence that I was never able to witness (yet at least) is waking up on Christmas morning and see snow falling. December 2002 saw light snow on Christmas Eve, rain on Christmas morning, and then snow falling during the afternoon. December 2010 came a day too late (boxing day blizzard). Even December 1995 had snow already on the ground but no snowfall during the morning. It did lightly snow into the evening that year however. We saw a white Christmas in 1998 and 2009, but no snow falling. 1998 was overcast and 2009 was a heavy rainstorm, melting the snow by evening . December in the 60’s saw a couple of occurrences where snowfall started to fall on Christmas Eve and continue into Christmas morning. It’s very rare to get that these days. Like you said, there’s something a bit more special in regards to seeing snow within the Dec 15th-Jan 15th timeframe. Winter in the 60’s for the most part, saw the brunt of winter within that 30 day timeframe. So even tho we avg more snow now than we did then, it felt a bit more “special” for the people who were able to live thru the 60’s winter’s.
  2. When I think of winters in the 60’s, I immediately think of Bing Crosby “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”. The 60’s are notorious for all of the white Christmases that this area saw. Uncle has posted the stats many times over the years. No decade before (maybe the 1800’s) or since the 60’s, have come close to matching the amount of Dec 24th/25th snowfalls we saw in the NYC area. I would gladly take a December from the 60’s again, considering how rare it is to see snowfall falling on Christmas morning here.
  3. 1995-96 looks like the closest QBO match currently. That’s fine with me since I believe the raging QBO last year was the largest culprit in what burned us in the end. The QBO with it’s current easterly wind should help North Atlantic blocking if it continues. ENSO looks good ATM too, I like what I’m seeing with the warming occurring around the Modoki area.
  4. Denver going from low 80’s today, to 20’s and snow tonight.
  5. Today’s temperatures this time of year, is equivalent to reaching 105-110 degrees in July. Impressive day.
  6. I remember there being snow flakes along the coast in November 2013. Much more snow fell back into PA and NY. I loved December 2013. About 3-4 mini snow events (1”-3/2”-4”) before Christmas. Then we shot up into the 70’s right before Christmas which melted it all. I would gladly welcome any December if it’s going to be like 2013 was.
  7. Felt like late August outside today, and it looks like more warmth is on the table for tomorrow. Like some have said, would much rather have the heat now, than to have it later on. A couple of 80+ degree days in early October isn’t unheard of either. Very likely that will occur if this eastern ridge continues..
  8. Already down to 58 here in scotch plains. Fell to 46 this morning.
  9. And there’s an asteroid that’s supposed to graze the earth in 2029?
  10. Is that the shoprite at the Millburn/Summit border?
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