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  1. Do you guys think the 2nd wave (if it occurs) will be worse than this 1st wave? Hopefully kids can go back to school in September but I can see them starting school and then closing like they did back in March. That is if a 2nd wave occurs of course.
  2. I think we’ll have to wait until July, when the MJO circles back into the colder phases..
  3. Off topic for us down here but it’s really ripping in Maine right now. http://whoufm.com/houlton-webcam/
  4. Amazing how we couldn’t even see a snow flake in February but here we are in May lol
  5. Looks like flakes mixing in with rain in scotch plains. Where’s @33andrain
  6. Seriously, what’s going on? Lol. Even if the snow doesn’t occur, save all of the maps with the May time stamp. Unbelievable
  7. Those poor flowers that bloomed in February and withered in April lol. Vegetation growth has come to a complete stop. We were probably 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule before this colder regime took over. Maybe next year, the pattern for winter and spring can get it right. We can only hope.
  8. Hope everyone and their families and friends are doing well. My mother is feeling much better but one of my close friends is sick. He reached out yesterday saying his body is aching but he has a mild cough. His fever peaked at 101.9 yesterday but it has gone down a little today. He’s 32 and is big on health. Please be safe everyone. This virus doesn’t discriminate, as you all know already.
  9. Update on my mom from last week. Her fever went away and she’s going to remain at home until the middle of April at the earliest. She still has a bit of a sore throat and cough but not to the severity of what it was earlier last week. I’m calling her every day to make sure she’s doing ok. So far she’s getting better.
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