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  1. Lol yeah I remember John was in that deform band for the Boxing Day blizzard for hours and hours that night. Then was in the other heavy deform band for 1/27/2011.
  2. EURO doesn’t look bad at all IMO. Anyone looking for more than 3” should wait for the next one. All snow is good snow.
  3. Lol nah man I’m not. Monmouth County has been a snow magnet for years. Hopefully 12z EURO and 18z NAM will be better.
  4. One of the things we have on our side is this should occur mostly at night (last I checked)..but not like sun angle is an issue this time of year anyway..
  5. Thats a great point. For a model with a warmer bias typically, being colder should raise some eyebrows..
  6. A general 1-3” for the city looks like a good call ATM. The city needs 0.4” more to reach 2” for the month of December.
  7. I was going to ask how the NAM looked at 500. Classic example of 500 looking good but not showing at the surface
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