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  1. Huh? It is real... https://www.mlive.com/expo/life-and-culture/g66l-2019/03/0fcc2e84077663/gorgeous-ice-shards-are-piling-up-along-lake-michigan.html
  2. Day 8 theatrics in an active intraseasonal pattern in a very marginal temp environment? What could possibly go wrong?
  3. That only works so many times. The pattern really isn't all that favorable. No help from tropical forcing, Very positive AO and NAO with a wide open Atlantic.... you're basically getting a nice PNA spike for a few days which gives you a few cooler days, but in late March that's only going to get you so far. If one is thinking there's something beyond the 23rd outside of northern New England at this point, that's based on wishcasting only. Unless you think supposed frozen lakes and Rocky Mountain snow mean it will snow on the east coast till June for some bizarre reason
  4. On the flip side to these lows, wasn't supposed to break 30 today for me, was up to freezing at 1145 and sitting at 34 now. March sun going to work..
  5. Who's ready for those hour later 2AM Euro runs in a few days??
  6. Arguing about a computer model simulation of 1s and 0s, gridded digitally in blocks, to determine exactly where, and how much frozen water will accumulate at an arbitrary date and time.
  7. Have you seen this winter?!? That would only be par for the course.
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