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  1. Snowing in Lake Grove (Long Island). Don’t know the temperature but this is appalling right after two days in a row of 60+ highs.
  2. Topped out at 58. Didn’t even feel that warm with the wind. I hate Long Island.
  3. 2.1” of slush. Should be gone by the end of the day. I’m honestly happy this underperformed, time for spring.
  4. 32.9/32.4 and light snow. Trace of snow on grass, nothing else.
  5. 33.4/32.6 and rain in Central Islip. All of yesterday’s snow is gone, minus the piles.
  6. 3.0” final total at 9:15 AM. 10.4” for the season.
  7. 2.8” in Central Islip. I now have 10.2” for the season. Still less than half of average.
  8. 7.4” as of this morning. Nov - 4.3” Dec - 0.0” Jan - 0.6” Feb - 2.3” Mar - 0.2” It’ll be interesting to see if March, like November, sees more snow than Winter 2018-19. I’m almost sure it will.
  9. Morch coming in like a lion tonight.
  10. Is it possible that snow cover to the north helps/helped bring temperatures close to zero in/around NYC, even when there’s an absence of snow cover in the metro area? Can advective cold blowing south over hundreds of miles of snowpack even be warmed by a few miles of bare ground and UHI (in some areas)?
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