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  1. that looks like it wants to cut, but based on the reactions im guessing it doesnt
  2. Wouldn't these anomalies and pattern be fine in mid Jan though for snow?
  3. NedStark


  4. Does that ridge increase the chance for tropical impact and/or heat here (asking for a beginner)?
  5. http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/real-time/windmain.php?&basin=atlantic&sat=wg8&prod=shr&zoom=&time= weaker shear over the northern bahamas according to this?
  6. NedStark


    Isn't this the same area Harvey hit 3 years ago?
  7. was in that cell in Edison, was definitely hail, about 1" across.
  8. we are due for an 2011-2012 repeat at some point and this winter might be it lol
  9. Even in 11-12 and 01-02 we had one 3"+ event in Central Park
  10. Isnt that bad because it shows it going back into phases 4 and 5?
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