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  1. was in that cell in Edison, was definitely hail, about 1" across.
  2. we are due for an 2011-2012 repeat at some point and this winter might be it lol
  3. Even in 11-12 and 01-02 we had one 3"+ event in Central Park
  4. Isnt that bad because it shows it going back into phases 4 and 5?
  5. Should we want a mainly N stream storm as that will bring in the cold air?
  6. And the 17th storm looks (at least at the surface) similar to the Dec. 14, 2013 storm
  7. Wouldnt the trough in the west there cause cutters though?
  8. you guys still think we warm up for late nov/early dec as the pattern relaxes?
  9. Should we actually be rooting for the 11/9 threat to fail because of last year nov 2012 and oct 2011 having early snow also?
  10. December 2010, 2013, and 2017 were the only cold/snowy decembers this decade i believe
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