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  1. 12z eps has a cluster of members right along coast. control is a bomb.
  2. Did the 0z euro show any sign of coastal around cmc time?
  3. rain onset did not last long. storm seems to be progressing slower also... or is it just me?
  4. i'd say its more like a 8-10 hour storm but yes heavy rates must occur
  5. Bernie rayno has jackpot right through CNJ, LI, into NYC and up into boston. 1= 1-3 2=3-6 jackpot area(CNJ into LI NYC and boston= 6-10
  6. Wow snow maps are all over the place. Havent seen such discrepancy between totals in quite some time.
  7. Im not a fan of kuchera maps at all. 18z gfs has it snowing in my location for a steady 9-10 hours, and accumulation of 1 inch. garbage
  8. alarming as totals are very high compared to a lot of tv mets forecasts. its a good thing if u want snow
  9. 18z rgem is very alarming. Inside 30 hours, RGEM is very good.
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