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  1. You're backtracking now. I didnt say we shouldn't have done it. I'm saying moving forward it's time to stop living in fear and get back to society. North Dakota opening May 1 PA Senate overruling the Gov stay at home order It's happening as people see the curve has been flattened and there is no need to continue like this. Dont move the goalposts.
  2. Theres no agenda other than to stop living in fear now and getting people back to life as we knew it.
  3. You keep speaking about flooding hospitals in June while neglecting data at hand that has this at an r0 of almost 6, meaning many many people have already been affected and developed antibodies. With that in mind it's likely that this has affected an astronomically larger amount of people than we think. 10k new cases a day now in NYC was likely 30k a day or more about a week ago. And you really honestly think we aren't going to be prepared in July IF this mysterious spike happens if we open things back up? I agree with the PB phase in so you have time to assess each phase and react. But to still be alarmed that the hospitals are going to get overwhelmed in the summer just seems like an impossible thought at this time. We all bought into it the first time. We will not again.
  4. The rest can continue to give up their rights. It's gone on long enough and the alarmists are more than welcome to continue to live like this. Dont join us when things start reopening then. Again, I said nothing that isn't true. The goal was flatten the curve. It was done. Move on.
  5. It's getting to be insane. The curve is flattened. Enough is enough.
  6. The hospitals wont get overwhelmed if there were to be an uptick in July or August. That's hyperbole man. Antibody studies are already showing that up to 30 percent of NYC may have been infected already. This thing ran rampant for a long time undetected and many have already had it. You've removed AT LEAST 30 percent of the potential targets for the virus to this point. Also by that time we will have even more treatments (antibody, Remdesivir, etc.). So that's quite a hyperbolic statement to ask me that as if I'm saying either is or was okay.
  7. Some of the governors are talking about July and beyond. That is absurd.
  8. I am in total agreement with your phase in plan. It's the way to go. Like you said the treatment is key. The antibody treatment is probably the best bet here. But there is no way they can keep this country locked down for much longer without riots. A breaking point is coming.
  9. @NJwxguy78 https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2994623001 https://www.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-pandemic-intl-04-14-20/h_cf418154aa0a461f63e7e55b3f3cd035 https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/08/lockdowns-cant-end-until-covid-19-vaccine-found-study-says Completely unacceptable
  10. Yes my point is the goal has been met. This talk of SD until 2021 or 2022 (Harvard researchers), is just such an insane thought to me. We have achieved our goal and now like you said that people know what to do let's move on with life.
  11. This whole thing has gone on long enough. From the get go I felt this was a massive government overreach. BUT you know what? I did it, I went along, my family went along, why? To save lives, it was a good cause and all of America bought into it. Flatten the curve right? That was the SD goal so the hospitals could keep up with the quick spike in influx of patients. To my eye that looks flattened no??? The goal was NEVER do this until the virus is gone, it may never be! The goal never was do this until it was not a threat, it may always be! All along it was flatten the curve so we could adequately keep up with the healthcare demand for the sick. Everyone bought into that because it was a good cause, a noble cause and we saved hundreds of thousands of lives doing so. BUT, its flattened...the goal has been met but now the goal posts are moving and they want us to do this until what? Until the cases drop to what? Zero? It's gone on long enough. And those who want to stay like this until there isnt 1 new case of its let that be their prerogative! Not the rest of this God blessed country who want to live in
  12. I noticed alot more people on there NJ roads today... including the turnpike.
  13. New Orleans is decelerating quickly...quicker than other places are decelerating actually.
  14. @rb924119 Or any other meteorologists/wxstation aficionados What gain should I use to calibrate my wind speed correctly for it being mounted at 6ft above ground level instead of the official 30ft? I had a high gust of 25.1mph recorded today with a gain of 1.22 (i.e a 1.22 multiplier I'm assuming), but even that seems low looking at Rutgers Wx maps which show a high gust between 35 and 39 mph here for today. That would be a very high gain and I'm not sure if I want to do that. I'd rather be conservative instead of over. Thanks in advance
  15. Absolutely, It's hard to cheer about being on the downswing of the curve when still so many are suffering losses, but the reality compared to what this could have been had we done nothing is truly astonishing. God bless
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