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  1. Your 4 inch line basically bisects my town as well hah which lines up with exactly what I am thinking.
  2. Still looks like a great map to me but I think the rain line more lines up with the GSP as I stated prior. There may be room there to add a c to 2 into CNJ especially interior and N Monmouth and push the mostly or all rain further E.
  3. Direction...amplitude...whatever we want to call it there is no denying that it is overwhelming the entire global pattern right now.
  4. Someone in the blue ridge will go 6 or over. Here or interior SEPA always seem to do well with these.
  5. On a side note I just went from near 6 on the Nam to an inch....
  6. I still think 6 plus may be a tough pull. To be certain not for a lack of cold air but a lack of precip actually. Some elevations may have some enhanced lift and may squeeze close to that mark like you allude to(Catskills/Blue ridge) but I believe it to be the exception rather than the norm. Edit: Oh and for sure those unmentionables in NNE! Haha!
  7. I believe me and you have had almost the same exact forecast since Sunday lmao. While I will wait to see what actually transpires...job well done my friend.
  8. One big spinning disc... Raging jet coming off the biggest heat sink in the world.
  9. Man I completely understand. You have been phenomenal since the beginning of the winter and I dont think anyone would blame you for taking a break. We wanted it to happen so bad and it looked like it would but we have been dealt one of the biggest head fakes of recent times with what it now looks like will happen over the course of the rest of January and conceivably into February. While I hope it does not play out like this, I think persistence is perhaps the way to go until a true blue undeniable GLOBAL shift happens. See you on the flip side friend.
  10. I pointed out the Pac Jet in the other thread, it's a big problem that there is absolutely no poleward reach to the Pac. We are flooded with Pac air.
  11. The corridor west of the Tpk north of the intersect. And then further south c to 2 east of the GSP. I should make a map hah.
  12. Never said your point wasn't valid. It was a joke. It could have been the Korean, the Japanese whatever, it was just a joke. To your point...well sure yea it agrees with it, I never said otherwise. Moving on.
  13. Also to be completely objective... I am NOT canceling winter, at all, I am merely pointing out that I dont believe the global circulation supports an extremely sustained wintry pattern here (that being a combo of both cold and storms).
  14. And that's fine, I appreciate the discussion and I see your points. But our synoptic weather is largely determined by the PAC. Yes of course there is always a PAC jet but it is not always flowing W to E so quickly, often times in better winters it reaches poleward and is moderated by the EPO ridge. Such is not the case here.
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