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  1. LP is one of my favorite places ever. Beautiful town and great history and not to mention some fantastic skiing. The Dacks are going to do fantastic with this, what a setup for them as the LP moves into Maine and backs the winds they tap all the available cold air out of Se Canada.
  2. Definitely, there is also a boost as the gradient tightens with the approaching HP around midnight Friday into Saturday morning. They just completed a massive sand renovation project along the shore there after being bombarded by all 3 noreasters last March. I am sure they would much rather see this scenario than vice versa.
  3. My parents live in Bethany Beach De and I expect the blowout tides there to be quite impressive.
  4. Nice ridging out west but a multitude of the same old issues for the east coast from the rest of the season. A developing strong trough into the EPAC/W coast which continues to beat down any hope of a sustained PNA ridge and about as poor as an Atlantic as you could draw up. Of course as we close in on this timeframe we continue to watch because that anomalous western ridge could by itself give us an outside chance.
  5. The cold the past couple days has truly impressed me. If my weather station was working I'd say my town got down into the lower teens at least.
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