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  1. You're kidding right? A terrible pattern for us can obviously produce for the interior. Especially the lakes region as CAA on a NW flow comes across the lakes after a cutter. There is literally nothing weird about this at all.
  2. Who turned back the clock to mid January when all this was discussed ad nauseam?
  3. The first step to healing is admitting you have a problem. This is progress.
  4. https://www.forbes.com/sites/marshallshepherd/2020/02/24/a-professor-ran-a-weather-prediction-model-on-a-50-computer/amp/ Probably still more accurate than the GFS I'd assume
  5. It's possible but I dont know if I quite see big heat like that. I see above normal for sure but the pattern looks to be a bit more progressive than what one would look for to see that kind of heat build. Continued bouts of cooler air coming in behind LPs as troughs swing through are likely enough to continue to occur to prevent a massive heat build in the E.
  6. Yes I noticed that time stamp as well, old data. Like @donsutherland1 just mentioned, I'd be shocked if there weren't alot more warmer tones over the E on the next update.
  7. Still quite dry though... But between another 5 or 6 degrees/slightly more "humid" air today feels quite warmer than yesterday.
  8. Meanwhile in NJ.... Just your average late Feb 60 degree day.
  9. I think this busts badly. March opens up on a cool note but by the second week we could be running well above average numbers, with the potential for some early season warmth coming by early mid month according to ensembles/cfs weeklies. I have no inclination to go against this at this time.
  10. We hope that doesnt occur. But at this point I'm rooting for the warmer sun and severe weather season.
  11. Absolutely, that's my point. That we cant rule out a sneaky inch but comments by people saying "so you're saying snowless" can be easily turned around on them if we were to get that sneaky inch. Chances are this doesnt occur but we shouldn't make it so black and white.
  12. Interesting comments on the rainy vs severe days. This could be quite true if we look at and assume a continuance of the strong WAR, higher dews and fronts running into it would slow down and train off a SW flow but possibly that same buoyancy could produce some capping issues or marine layers. So yes quite the catch 22 here we see. As far as the BDCF's I think I maintain that they could be mitigated by a stronger WAR/Se Ridge thanks to the anomalously warm SSTS. In theory I see warm fronts being able to advect further north much more easily because the flow over top of them is already in a warmer state, typically the flow ahead of a Nwrd advancing WF in our area is onshore E or ENE flow. I do see the conundrum you are speaking of here though and it is a highly intriguing thermodynamic discussion.
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