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  1. That's kinda how it on this site. But still, the last few years it seems like it's getting harder for us to get snow in the OHV.
  2. I don't wanna sound as if I'm harping on each individual model run, especially this far out. But, is the GFS just straight up too warm the 13-14th system?
  3. Yeah I love crazy model runs in the long range. Sometimes they're just hilarious.
  4. End of the 00z Euro takes cutting a storm to the next level
  5. Euro doesn't keep that cold around for long. Looks like it wants to cut the storm around the 14th.
  6. Thank you! I'm pretty sure the EPS wasn't in agreement so we'll have to see what happens going forward.
  7. If this verifies (IF) would we still be bound to have a more delayed warm-up, or could this be the all out pattern flip just much earlier than anticipated?
  8. Thank you! No confusion here, just wasn't sure about which one to trust
  9. I'm very new to understanding these. Is there a particular MJO model that is better? A few of them show some different progressions.
  10. In looking through a few of the comments on BAM's twitter page, they still disagree with NOAA long range temp predictions and they also believe in a flip back to cold before Christmas. Does anyone know what they're basing this off of?
  11. I couldn't help but notice this as well. It also breaks down the trough over Alaska, too.
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