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  1. I'm set to be on Fripp Island this week. It currently looks like I'll be in an okay spot, but I've never been through anything like this before (other than Ike and Sandy in Ohio, I guess). Does anyone know how well that area copes with the storm surge, rain, etc.?
  2. Hahaha! I might just draw these up for each storm
  3. Ugh probably another all rain event for Columbus. It'll really need to get colder below 850. What a shame...
  4. I hope this is the case because it looks like I'm for another rain/wind event.
  5. I'm not sure if anyone else has already mentioned this but Pivotal added a bunch more parameters to the Euro; Namely 500mb vort.
  6. It might not cut, but it could be too far north for me and it probably favors the interior.
  7. This one had shown the most promise earlier. It seems to come and go on the Euro.
  8. It's a familiar feeling for everyone. There's booms and busts in every storm. #WeTrack
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