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  1. 2.5", then some sleet and a crust of freezing rain. 35 now. Hopefully this can make it through tomorrow and not melt out.
  2. That was awful for anyone south of like 78. Long island went up though for those posters.
  3. He will be back soon. A mental break for a few days is needed from time to time. Maybe a trip to Char will cure him, lol. Hopefully seeing a few flakes on Saturday will make us all feel a bit better. Appreciate everyone effort in this, to quote Analog, maddening science/hobby.
  4. Dude's Facebook page he talked about burning a building down, etc. Yikes!
  5. I guess for me I get more annoyed when it is snowing elsewhere and not my home. I enjoy it though of course, I was more making a joke.
  6. I'm sorry I should have been clearer. I'm seeing that long range coastal "threat" and we rain near the coast because there is an area of low pressure near the lakes. It seems like there is always one there in some sort of shape or form and we are always fighting with it for rain/snow on the coast.
  7. They dont count if you are away from home lol On a different note. Is there a reason why there are always areas of low pressure in the lakes? It seems like they are always there.
  8. Agree with this. Most have to realize where they live. In the tri state, we need lots of help to get the snow we all crave, and more times than not the stars dont line up like we need them to.
  9. It was an apartment complex that was being built, so thankfully no one was living there yet.
  10. I see it all over Facebook. Crazy. Be safe. Friend is freaking in south Bound Brook. Embers are making small fires there and their firefighters are in bound brook.
  11. NYC has had 1 below normal day in the last 30 or so. It is a 2 day torch, but a long stretch of above normal.
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