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  1. Those major networks were screaming Russia for 3+ years. Yeah, that was good for the country and proven false.. Get real dude. Enjoy the dementia patient you elected.
  2. That was his forecast for NYC last year as well. Hopefully this year that part is more accurate. I know forecasting snow is the hardest part.
  3. Not one flake or sleet pellet here that I saw. 38 degrees. 2.07" event total rain.
  4. Switching parties is still gaining new votes, no matter what type of logic you try to convince yourself with.
  5. Lots of qanon and proud boys in Philly last night causing more problems. Lol
  6. A little over 1.2" here total for the two days.
  7. Hit 94 today as well, but didnt feel quite as awful as prior days
  8. Long range euro ensemble does press the boundary south of the nyc metro so that could produce, but it's way out there so pretty meaningless at this point.
  9. We need a lot of snow in nyc for the 16-24" predicted
  10. Had a dusting of snow when some steadier rates moved though.
  11. Stats also suggested to always pitch to Bartolo Colon, but that one ab he did hit a hr. Maybe this will be our Bartolo moment this year.
  12. I've never seen so many 384 hour gfs maps posted until this year and actually analyzing them for a page or two. Back in the old days that earned you a weenie tag and 5 post minimum.
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