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  1. Hey, guys. I've got a sort of project going on to get rid of the pesky full screen commercials during nascar races. Superspeedways in particular. It's a petition. If you like to help out by signing, I'd really appreciate it. See you at the next storm. http://chng.it/BsYw8dwf
  2. We'll find out..... Right after this commercial break.
  3. At what point does the hurricane pass the point of no return?
  4. The eye is mostly over open water again. We may see a brief uptick in the winds later.
  5. There's still a lot of warm water between here and there. It could be a major hurricane.
  6. Once it gets into deeper ocean waters it'll have more room the breathe.
  7. I think there's room for more strengthening beyond this point.
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