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  1. Did not see much of anything, but the fun of the following is a huge part of all of this and this place makes that fun.... so Thank You!
  2. Tomorrow evening commute is going to be a mess. When people heard Sun/Mon and see rain most of today and tomorrow morning they are going to do one of those "LOL weather people" things.
  3. It's my favorite time of the year...... where I come visit my favorite weather website to read, and learn and follow along! Hello and thanks to all!
  4. NY1 was just in Kew Gardens..... looked like a nice band overhead.
  5. I live on pretty high floor on 46th street and it was snowing at really good clip for a few hours, went to walk dog and it was different world. Midtown needs perfect storm with temps 28 or below it seems to have a shot at any real accumulations. Enjoyed watching it fall though.
  6. Midtown snow, but high up it's hard to tell. Update from central jersey. Rt. 9 is covered in Old Bridge My mom thinks I am nuts for making her do this, but she went for coffee on her snow day!
  7. I am not a pro like some on here, but I think the next 6 hours will be some of the most impressive winter weather we have seen in quite a while.
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