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  1. I'm not a fan of Stephen King, so I'm not sure what you're referencing there. Might just look it up
  2. I'll start with one of my top 3 photos I ever took in my opinion. I was coming home from work just north of Lebanon, PA at the time and I could tell there was going to be a rainbow, so I (chased the rainbow) found a good spot and......
  3. Scene this morning after the snow showers overnight, still some flakes flying....
  4. Love seeing those returns light up in Central PA, might squeeze a dusting out of this yet....
  5. Beautiful pictures guys! Enjoy the snow! Maybe next storm will be mine.........
  6. Congrats to those seeing snow and going to see snow later today..........looks like I'm snow holed down here, maybe I'll get an inch
  7. Yes for sure, just seems to be disconnecting from the ULL on that picture, or are my eyes deceiving me?
  8. Does it look like the initial batch of precipitation is separating itself??
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