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  1. Only 2 images I can find that I took from the Blizzard of 2016.....4 years ago already!
  2. Hopefully you're right and we get a snow blitz in March and sorry for your loss of income. Hopefully we get some storms that will help you recuperate what you've lost so far
  3. Haha, nice idea! I'm not giving up hope yet but slowly starting to lose it with the way these storms are tracking right now
  4. Here's a blast from the past in winter 1996 in Pennsylvania along the Susquehanna River with a Bridge Collapse https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.wgal.com%2Farticle%2Fwalnut-street-bridge-collapse-1996-harrisburg-pennsylvania%2F30517127%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR0k1q-p51MCmGAZJnIgJFmWsd6i0pIEU_4twdj8cNP0Ar10hQd1zJyU7ZI&h=AT0cTWfLqdn0PvXiKEJ23-iR8HXJaqUxXmSum2zQgWOH0Y2F5s3-Eym-DvLUceU9auR5U22jqoMnGNz3X-Q0TFNRmeBuxck9aSD1JXTD13MhRghI-XUM__Od3gm1ueFW2O8f9imI0F21n3bTrPpxERmYuxzZJeMiDUsPUyfw0oz7jEdZNRtSN0MxlB15dF_zBaWznfnFknzzyWFfJzuVtFlL4fr0iIpRCV1tnJWB9BG18V_cV4javcm-pg9iGQxoTi_XweRqvPOyptj5iLBVomuZOfPGonBL4pZc2kJnCCyQ5XRAOAkfj5HzHzWN6W7myxu9XXPj1ROb1usBxBPvEEyYKB-lk5ejtLi9lkvthbAKJ2Ew25B0Rskql6O263K9_wsvWta5yPyBSFnDRbCSY4XhgCEmuG4VpmA07NOCGiLppYbJATdxXvrsnlli7dta0n7-6-B8rzHtQgEN5bNeSUfv-VBO-AuFBG1JZN4_47WoX102voHdk5TCK61-DO1fg521OXKGP51h4ZlK0Y7Z6IEuz4oRc1Mr2hX7c58LBv09WA0CXmwMfc8jj2ws_tnRK0VUlDnPA4t0hYOHug4SVZO0NGvUeiAppoQln9Rm9K0cFYzx_gydju31A1bdClevh0JdB2bmLPUC-n2oT6RcN0Bxdrr5iHpb9w
  5. Snow started around 845am and lasted 2 hours. Then there was a lull for 2 hours, currently snowing moderately maybe 1 inch total so far. Hoping not to change to sleet but feel like its inevitable if it's sleeting in York....
  6. It's not snow but believe I caught some gravity waves this morning....can someone confirm?
  7. 22/DP 7 hoping to stay mostly snow here in south central pa but do expect some sleet...…..thinking 2-4 for my area
  8. Nice work! I was being told by some customers at work 8"-12" down here and I was like no way. Then my boss asked me my thoughts and I said 2"-4" before changeover, so we're on the same thinking here in south central PA.....
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