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  1. Considering where we were yesterday and today’s 12z gefs it’s definitely going in the right direction.lets get the track down and worry about details later
  2. Holy cow I get up this morning to see gfs had a bomb at 6z,had to be at hospital for surgery at 730am,came home check the forum and completely different atmosphere than the excitement this long was I out lol
  3. Models always underestimate the cad,just like nov 15 2018 i was forecasted 1 inch ended up with 8.
  4. I like the track but why is the precip shield non existent nw
  5. Question why.does it show rain at hr 96 but 850s are below freezing?
  6. Gfs lost the 8th again,is it just being the gfs or is it onto something?
  7. It’s a start,would love to see what ensembles look like?are they gonna lean low and cold or high and warm?
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