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  1. I definitely give it an A here. We got slightly over 50" of snow total (about 200% of normal) and 42" in February alone. Compared to last winter, this year couldn't have been better.
  2. Yup, the Polar Vortex is back to a stable state above the average strength for this time of year.
  3. Looks like we're going to be entering a warmer, quieter period of weather as we head into the month of March. GEFS EPS GEPS
  4. SENIOR DUTY METEOROLOGIST NWS ALERT ADMINISTRATIVE MESSAGE NWS NCEP CENTRAL OPERATIONS COLLEGE PARK MD 2008Z SAT FEB 20 2021 ...DATAFLOW ISSUES AT NCEP... Multiple circuit outages are causing NCEP model data delays to various platforms. NCO is working with the circuit vendor to resolve the issue. Shirey/SDM/NCO/NCEP
  5. Yeah for instance it's 35F here currently, and I have picked up almost an inch of snow today on top of my snowpack.
  6. Some nice mood flakes never hurt anyone, and any falling snow will accumulate easily on existing snowpack even if air temperatures are a couple degrees above freezing.
  7. NAM already making major positive corrections for Monday. There is much less of a negative tilt; thus, this run is is colder.
  8. I would say no. There was a general 3-6" for many with a relatively narrow band of 8-12" just north of PHI and into CNJ.
  9. Switched over to heavy sleet, measured about 5" of snow at changeover
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