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  1. Not when our cold source is torched. The antecedent airmass is downright awful
  2. Even a flake would be surprising in my area, I rarely if ever see decent snow if solid cold isn't present beforehand. Good luck for those up north!
  3. That's because the low stacks too late and the pass is too far north for areas north of NYC. The low doesn't intensify significantly until the vorts are near alignment. I posted the 500, 700, and 850 low tracks below. The lows stack just south of LI this run, but last run they stacked over southern New England. We need about 80 miles more south of all the lows for this forum to be extremely happy, but even just 10 or 20 would have noticeable improvements. 500 700 850
  4. GFS is actually 1 more big tick away from destroying everyone. We need another big move of the primary south like this run (and to hope this run wasn't a blip)
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