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  1. Just heard a huge crack outside....the ice is gonna be bad up here, but I guess we already knew that.
  2. So basically the situation is..... we are screwed. Good thing I have a generator!
  3. Yeah it's a bit worrying, especially since the Euro is showing a half an inch of ice where those 2 hour delays are...(even if there won't be that much ice accumulation)
  4. Schools around here issuing 2 hour delays.... don't really see the point when it's gonna be messy all day. They'll probably change to full snow day in the morning.
  5. The ice is getting worse and worse every model for just north of NYC...
  6. So Upton isn't going to upgrade to WSW's... just increased snow totals to the previous advisories. I don't know if that was the best choice or not.
  7. Why is News 12 still saying to expect mostly rain for Rockland and Westchester counties?
  8. Over one inch of ice on top of me...I know that won't end up verifying but still crazy!
  9. Precip stays frozen the entire time just north the city....
  10. If this ice really pans out.... tree limbs and branches are going to down everywhere, power will 100% go out. Probably going to be sleeping in the basement tonight lmao.
  11. I think the afternoon update will hopefully fix the Upton and Mt. Holly advisories... WWA down to NYC metro along with increasing ice/snow totals to the WWA's already in place. I guess a WSW is possible but I doubt it.
  12. WWA for LHV, NNJ, as well as parts of PA could be upgraded to WSW by the end of the day.... unless Upton continues forcasting .05in of ice for me lmao...
  13. If anything good comes out of this.. at least we know schools will most likely have to close across the area for Tuesday! Better to be safe than sorry.
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