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  1. You can really see where the subsidence set up right over my house lol. Guess that was what many were hinting at early on though so they got that right.
  2. Although it's not reliable at all, TWC has me back up to 3 additional inches tonight. It'll be fun to see if it plays out.....
  3. It's definitely picked up in the past few minutes - wouldn't be shocked if I was right on the edge of it right now.
  4. North of NYC and I'm in a pretty prolonged area of subsidence. Hoping some heavy bands pass through, we're at about 4" so far and we have yet to see any heavy snow since daytime. We only need an extra inch to verify the NWS' 5-10 inches.
  5. Down here we've actually been in a pretty good band East of the river for at least a couple of hours by now. I wonder if it'll hold like these models have been showing, because we were looking to be the snow hole of this system.
  6. Moderate snow here currently, somewhat struggling to stick to blacktop only because of a thick layer of slush due to some melting. That in the long run could be bad if/when it freezes over to a layer of ice underneath 3-6 inches.
  7. Already seeing heavy snow north of NYC, roads are already covered in a light coating. It's great that most schools up here closed for the day, that would not have gone well.
  8. You're completely right. Seems that nowcasting is going to more helpful than trying to track the placement of the band on each new model run.
  9. Oh okay I completely understand that now. There has been a clear trend of Upton dropping the totals especially in eastern sections of the region, but it'll be interesting if that banding does in-fact set up further east than expected.
  10. That seems to be the case, Rockland and Orange are going to get hit hard.
  11. Are you saying that NWS NY are likely too low or too high? I'm in the 5-10 warning, and I'm not confident that we'll see that much honestly, but all just depends.
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