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  1. Well....I guess I’ll see you guys next year for the start of the next winter season. I don’t see any chances of storms on the horizon.
  2. yea...the nam also showed 20” of snow on the Carolina coastal plain over the weekend....a max of 4” over Mount Mitchell later it never verified
  3. not a solution, but the overall setup and pattern went from trough to ridge. Quite a drastic change. But yes it is 12+ days out
  4. I thought you were referring to the late February system. I didn’t expect to see a trough turn into a ridge. That’s black and white, totally different set ups
  5. That Early March system was a strong cold Miller B now appears to be a full blown warm cutter. Wtf is going on
  6. For you experts. would you classify this as a good look w potential Or no
  7. The evolution and way it looks reminds me of the Snowicane February 25, 2010 storm
  8. I have a feeling we all may not be tracking a winter storm together until the next winter season.
  9. I beg to differ, but I guess it all depends if you live in Delaware/SNJ or i80 area north. I still think the 27-28 threat needs to be watched closely as it’s been waffling back and forth as where to set up
  10. Lol It’s actually laughable. Who cares anymore, right ?
  11. as we wait for the euro to come out here’s an off topic question. Do you think we’ll ever see a 1888 or 1993 storm again in our lifetime? Seems like those type of systems are once in a century
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