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  1. Dont give up on winter yet...its coming in April...
  2. Its amazing they had a worldwide training exercise for a pandemic only last fall. Now we have a pandemic. Crazy stuff.. https://medium.com/@myhighstdfm/pandemic-global-exercise-october-2019-65-000-000-deaths-expected-5567eb575b97
  3. Dr Drew goes off on media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWY0oZV51VY&feature=youtu.be
  4. It can't be any worse than what the current GEFS was for this year. By far and away the worse model of the year for me with regards to snow. It, run after run after run after run consistenlty had my area WPa getting a mean of 6 - 12 inches of snow with each model run. I don't think we received 6 inches during any 15 day stretch. Had one 4 inch storm. My total for the year has been around 14 inches.
  5. Have about 2.5 inches so far. Biggest snow of the year...Expecting maybe an inch more or so.
  6. Wow, Looking good for my neck of the woods. Still 36 hours away though.
  7. Do not buy into the GEFS snow maps at all... The biggest weenie model out there. Has replaced the DGEX... I was tracking every run of the GEFS for most of the month of December for my area and compared it to the GFS. I was consistently showing for my area a mean of between 8-10 inches every run on the GEFS. The GFS was 100x (my perception ) better. While it occasionally showed a big storm (8+ inches) for WPA, I would say over the course of December it only showed that 6 times out of 124 model runs. THe GFS I think has performed well overall I know for my area. I quit tracking the GEFS because the GEFS were soooo bad and since it was run off the old GFS .. The GEFS is still showing snow bombs for WPA on several memebers every run but I have had only about 6 inches of snow for the year.
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