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  2. down south of you guys in va we had flurries last year, ill take some ice or sleet and enjoy the winter...anything this early is a plus. good luck back in cnj!
  3. up here in the piedmont/southside va i dont like that run either lol. icy for me, no coldfront for naples.
  4. heck the cmc even looks good down this way in va for us. id take that in a heartbeat, hoping the trends stay on point
  5. hurricane delta now....off to the races
  6. My hallucination or reality?? Marco cirrus fanning nne?
  7. hows it looking further south into the va piedmont/nc border
  8. nws blacksburg stil on the PRE train....just bought water and lanterns and extra batteries. danville loses power at the best of weather.....wouldnt take much in the way of shifting to give us a good soaking or then some. way over for the year, and last night it poured to beat the beat. eerily like cnj in the run up to floyd when i lived there. everyone be safe regardless how this plays out!! SHORT TERM /SUNDAY THROUGH TUESDAY NIGHT/... As of 350 AM EDT Saturday... By Sunday our attention will turn toward Isaias approaching the southeast coast of the US. The latest NHC track guida
  9. started finishing up today since we flooded during michael. nws blacksburg nicely discussing the possibilites earlier. told my wife earlier this year, it was going to be that kindof summer and here we go. great discussions going on in here proud to be a member!
  10. hoping it doesnt rain here in danville like it did during michael. having lived in cnj during floyd, i wonder what it was like here in the va piedmont? beeen excessively wet this year like 2018, hoping this doesnt add to it with wind and rain...dont need to lose power for another week as renters. it sucked the big one, but like then we have our kit. watching closely the precip totalsas we draw closer......any ideas on that PRE event i saw discussed earlier.
  11. Living in the va piedmont thru michael, that sounds the horn n raises the neck hairs. Pretty good agreement.
  12. im absolutely amazed by the plain flat out careless behavior of the govts. i mean really, people are scared, people dont want to die...but lets report them to the govt if they dont go back asap. we have a family friend who works in a warehouse setting in central nj for bunzl, and he just is getting over the virus...just past two weeks and he was told either file disability with the state or come back to work monday, and if not you are fired. but mcconnell, trump and mnuchin want to grant liability wavers to these companies. Just wait and see, i think those models saying 100k plus
  13. "They are tremendous steaks, raised in America, the biggest hooves. Hundreds of governors are calling about these steaks but its on the to order them for themselves, we are not a meatcutting service tge federal govt." I prefer lavender scented to go with my fried ice cream
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