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  1. im absolutely amazed by the plain flat out careless behavior of the govts. i mean really, people are scared, people dont want to die...but lets report them to the govt if they dont go back asap. we have a family friend who works in a warehouse setting in central nj for bunzl, and he just is getting over the virus...just past two weeks and he was told either file disability with the state or come back to work monday, and if not you are fired. but mcconnell, trump and mnuchin want to grant liability wavers to these companies. Just wait and see, i think those models saying 100k plus will be sadly very low balled if this stance is followed.
  2. "They are tremendous steaks, raised in America, the biggest hooves. Hundreds of governors are calling about these steaks but its on the to order them for themselves, we are not a meatcutting service tge federal govt." I prefer lavender scented to go with my fried ice cream
  3. Rumors here in southern va, listening in on wifes zoom meetings, is that they might not return in fall, or stagger where half go one week and then do a week online. Lots of uncertainty
  4. Since age related discrimination is illegal, how long til the first lawsuits when we make those groups stay home longer...i mean its 'murica land of the lawsuits
  5. No lie there. My wifes family accuse me of being a treasonous commie for calling him on his insanity. Its dangerous how divided we are and how weaponized they made this to score political points
  6. i get that you want to phase things back in, but this is case where the cure needs to be worse than the disease.
  7. so even ar half that are you willing to accept that collateral damage to keep the economy going? if beleive are afraid to go, ptsd kicks in when the bodies pile up even a third of that will destroy us socially and economically.
  8. so some quick research says that our us population under 50 is about 200 million people....1% is still 2million deaths, .5 cfr is 1 million i mean really to me that says keep it locked down.
  9. dr birx jjust looked very uncomfortable when he said it would be weeks. He alone is going to be responsible for wave 2 resulting in many more deaths then needed, if wave 1 even ends.
  10. and right there is the problem. altruism needs to be back in style. these companies have a ton of cash and the govt will backstop them, would it kill them to let payment slide while we try n figure out how to feed ourselves.....thank God i paid attn to grandma teaching me how to bake breads, make pastas and soups etc. my wife cn cook and i can cook and bake (not just 420 LOL) so as long as we have the 50lbs of flour on hand w yeast i can feed us. im intending to do a neighborhood feed and deliver beans n rice, salad dessert to ur far neighbors as an effort of good will. its frustrating, i get it. we had a very valuable business go under during the crash of 08/09 and we recovered by filing bankruptcy and moving somewhere cheaper than nj and start over. folks the signs are out there if you in smaller poorer towns of societal breakdown coming. Our neighborhood Food Lion was robbed at gunpoint when they followed the delivery truck in at closing time. what was stolen, no mony...just meat, tp, and baby prodducts
  11. a third year teacher makes under 42k per year here. after taxes etc its a real struggle, and she has no pension at this point, the year before she changed careers they changed how that works. health insurance dont even start, for our family it would 1900 a month thru her employer.
  12. well my bank account has about 2 bucks in it every mnth by this time so yea not so much. my wife is a teacher and i am awaiting a disability judgement, so we live as a family of 4 off a 3rd year teacher income. im worried about keeping enough people healthy to move the country forward in 18 months or so.
  13. my thought proess is simple. how do we know they are healthy? some people test neg a few times then positive....yes im paranoid but this could kill me easily, as well as my asthmatic wife. im not sure what the answer is anymore....if we could survive the depression, the spanish flu and other times of lockdown, why cant we survive this. yes i get stagflation would take effect and we could become the weimar reupblic, but if the fed is willing to print the money and what not and support the workers, why not shut it down for 6 months. grant amazon drone usage permits, same with food stores etc. there has to be a way....
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