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  1. Never trust an upper low. This one imo would be colder north of the storm.
  2. I’d focus on that short term ridge spike on the west coast. May be enough to do it....
  3. We aren’t done figuring this one out. 500 mb looks completely different this run....
  4. Can anyone post the AAM forecast chart? I’m thinking that’s the culprit for the warmer flip in models.
  5. You’re 100% correct anything past day 10 has been exact opposite. Maybe that’s good in this case
  6. Unfortunately the EPS keeps us mild through the entire 2nd half of the run
  7. I personally don’t like the 25th threat. It’s probably going to be to warm for snow based on pattern. To much ridging East of us.
  8. I also don’t think the MJO makes it to phase 8. I guess we will know soon.
  9. In all honesty the EPS keeps moderating the airmass every run and pushing things back. There seems to be a definite issue if you want prolonged winter weather. Just my thought from what I’ve been seeing. Currently EPS jumped from 3 milder days to 5. When does this stop?
  10. All good points. I would like to see the EPO trend more negative to lock in the cold.
  11. Either way with a pattern change the Euro won’t be anywhere near accurate 240 hours out
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