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  1. I wouldn’t sleep on the Sunday storm. It’s the exact thread the needle event we need.
  2. The wave on Sunday looking more and more interesting for the coast
  3. With the negative over Alaska I’d bet it’s too warm either way.
  4. It’s all good I thought it would be at least slightly below normal with that look, but no cold source as we are tapping the Pacific....
  5. In fact 2 meter temperatures at the surface are above average even with that 500 mb look. I don’t see any signs of major cold the next two weeks.
  6. Not for the Mid Atlantic and Northeast. Maybe slightly below average. Notice negative heights over Alaska and follow the lines. You have Pacific air involved which is no massive cold snap.
  7. At this point anything over 7 days out I’m not even looking at lol
  8. Blame the lack of a ridge in west Canada and strong northern jet
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