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  2. There’s another website that gives access out to 192 hours I believe
  3. Hey guys can anyone provide me with the link to view the long range ukmet model. Thanks
  4. But they’ve been awfully quiet lately. Not sure why lol.
  5. @33andrainit still cuts in the end and the icon is a crap model.
  6. If you read the post the weather outlet I assume you’re talking about is only mentioning that it’s going to be brief. But continue +AO club .
  7. The NAO and AO is so overrated. Give me a -EPO all day and I’m happy. I feel like Tom, Tamara and David’s forecast are all about sustainable NAO periods this winter. It’s been proven time and time again that the Pacific drives the bus.
  8. Amazing how the -EPO pattern just went poof on the overnight ensembles.
  9. Man seems like every GEFS ensemble run is doing something different up in the North Pacific. Lots of volatility in that region.
  10. I honestly think that forecast they have out is going to do pretty well. Will be interesting to see where we are come mid-December.
  11. Think Dec 2013. That’s where I think this month is headed.
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