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  1. With PAUSE set to expire tomorrow, what are the legal ramifications for a business that decides to just open? I saw a lot of dangerous chatter on reddit along the lines of "Just open and see what happens"
  2. You're saying Phase 1 for June 1 correct? Which would mean earliest everyone else could decide would be June 15th for Phase 2.
  3. Do we think a realistic expectation for Manhattan offices to being reopening would be One 2 week PAUSE extension (June 1) + Phase 1 completion == June 15th? Entirely estimating here, but also picking up some of Cuomo's hints. Daycare is also a huge factor as well.
  4. Already lost a couple of STOP signs in downtown manhattan.
  5. Battery Park here; it's a race between the sunset and the squall line.
  6. Best rates of the day in Battery Park right now; beginning to stick on grass.
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