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  1. How are EURO and NAM doing vs. actual radar?
  2. noob, yet important question considering the numbers we’re looking at: is this a light/fluffy snow or back breaker wet? thanks for all you guys do
  3. Maplewood, NJ nearly an inch dumping sand dollar flakes.
  4. Are models starting to agree on a general time frame and duration?
  5. Sounds like he's saying everyone should get the shot and not rely on viral burnout as an outcome of those who do get it?
  6. Will pharmacies have the vaccine with the current temperature requirements or just hospitals?
  7. Closing NYC schools before indoor dining and nonessential offices seems a bit backwards?
  8. Appears Fulton County is in 100% https://results.enr.clarityelections.com/GA/Fulton/105430/web.264614/#/summary
  9. BobSnow


    Just got a tornado warning in the Berkshires.
  10. BobSnow


    Does anyone know what to expect in Berkshires, MA? Looks like we're on the cusp of heavy rains, but winds an issue?
  11. I believe there was a confirmed tornado in Sharon CT between 6:00 and 6:15 est.
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