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  1. Lol guys I know this, I'm just asking the opinion as he said no snow Feb. And looks to be correct.
  2. I'm also obviously not saying we are getting a storm and this year has been harsh lesson I think for all to keep our emotions/ excitement in check.
  3. I understand, just trying to balance the +/- around here. Looking for hope.
  4. Possible, definitely... but just showing wpc and a CPL of the current colder outputs
  5. Lot of negativity here as per usual, but considering the GFS, CMC, Euro, eps have a fairly strong agreement/ storm signal figured maybe there might be a discussion here.... Of course granted it's 7-9 days out but it's something which has been rare lately especially with model agreement on a storm signal.
  6. Lol some models have it wayy north in recent runs ( snow to SNJ) LOL
  7. I get it man I really do. It's been a horrific winter but a little hope never hurts. Everyone knows the remaining of the winter is likely not going to be great but long range models and the past of this winter are just that. Reality is we don't know how the rest of winter will go. Everyone just hopes to squeeze out a CPL Events here as we wind down. So if a model shows the potential I don't think there's anything wrong with pointing it out and letting it be known that it's being shown even if it's going next run. Nobodys saying the GFS is showing a HECS at 360, it's coming get ready.
  8. Damn everyone should relax here or take a break if needed. First half of March is still very much winter around these parts, some of our biggest all-time snows have come in March as most here already know. I don't consider winter really winding down until 3-4th week of March to even April depending on the year. We still have 5-6 weeks of chances for snow, no long range model or ENS is going to be nailing or missing storms. Just relax I know it's been rough but damn... Some of the more optimistic people that actually look for opportunitys are going to be driven away and we'll be left with just all the negative posts.
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