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  1. Snow in Highland NY( SE Ulster) very briefly mixed now just big wet snowflakes @ 37F. Edit back to a mix...
  2. Early but liking an advisory level snowfall of 3-6"/ 4-8" ish NW OF NYC into NJ,CT,HV,NEPA,MASS, etc... With NYC looking like 2-4"ish. Maybe 3-6"
  3. I like where we sit in the HV on the Northern half of the snow "stripe". Although I do realize we risk missing most of it to the South but for now I like our positioning.
  4. This is very accurate for IMBY. We picked up about 15" in Southern Ulster. After only 4" or so in round 1 of snow/sleet and maybe an inch through all of the day on Monday despite light small flakes basically the entire day... Heavy bands finally came through on the backside around 6-7pm Monday thru 3am Tuesday AM. We benefited extensively from very narrow but very intense bands in that 12-18" Orange in S Ulster. Just a wild roller coaster in Ulster and dutchess. Was starting to think round 2 was going to totally snow hole us as radar had everything around Ulster and Dutchess literally everywhere the ENTIRE DAY MONDAY. Then the bands finally came in and they were intense with the very very heavy bands very local, we were lucky to be under. I'd say the narrow intense band which shows 12-18" here was evident in Highland, Clintondale, West Park/esopus area, Gardiner, and to some extent New Paltz... Highland seem to get the most intense and prolonged very intense banding that I saw. I know this as I do snow removal in all these mentioned area plus a few other nearby towns and was out from Early Sunday AM- Tuesday 12PM with no stops. Tip my hat to NSFWWX, as all of us Dutches and Ulster members were in a bit of a panic as we got nothing all day Monday. NSFW kept assuring us it was coming and our negativity was starting to make us think we wouldn't get the radar to fill in or band in our areas. But in the end we were in the jackpot of the local area... Wild emotional ride lol. Thanks to everyone, this is an amazing forum all around, very glad I found it!! I will be here a lot for all storms going forward!
  5. Basically will the pivot area in Ulster ish continue with snow until the bands are gone??
  6. Will these last bands in HV and Albany areas collapse within an HR or so and be done???
  7. Southern Ulster in highland is getting totally smoked right now it's insane!!!
  8. I guess just can't see it they will probably collapse before coming through they're setting up and on the Fringe in New Paltz just west of 87/ the HUDSON RIVER/20 MILES NORTH of Newburgh.
  9. I'm 5ish miles north of you and have still ligjt dusty snow, really think we get an inch more max in Ulster dutches etc...
  10. RGEM. Has the axis on snows N to S directly over Ulster straight into the city
  11. It's not picking upon the hole in dutchess Ulster and Putnam... Unless it says it fills in
  12. North Putnam all dutchess eastern Ulster may only get an inch or 2
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