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  1. PB, so phase 8 is generally most favorable for winter in the east correct?
  2. Very clearly remember this debate if I remember there were more than one person going against you, and while I agree with you, let's let the clock run down before the final drive here lol. But good stuff with this storm, looks like you got it right .
  3. I track anything from a dusting or more lol. Or even a possibility of snow.
  4. Looks great gives us in the interior a solid moderate 6" snow
  5. Lol it doesn't usually work that way.. but if this is a typical SWFE we'll get like 4-8" to freezing drizzle/mist then done, happens almost every time regardless of what any model says.
  6. That cutoff east of Ulster is not pretty looking and getting closer and closer.
  7. Been plenty of snowstorms in unfavorable patterns before and there will be again and agin.
  8. Yea I don't remember that being modeled not looking like much anywhere if that don't fill in like immediately
  9. Looks like a significant gap in precipitation is this a modeled dry slot?
  10. Looks like a pretty solid little snow event for us around the HV area
  11. If temps are in the 30-32F range the ice accumulation likely won't be that extreme, especially if it falls heavily, you will lose a good chunk of that to liquid runoff. Now if temps are 25-28F and a light to moderate rate, things could get bad, as it has time to fall and freeze on surface as actual ice.
  12. Hard to say without qpf or snow maps but looks even more bullish than euro and better coverage of snow.....
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